Ph.D Qualifiers

PhD Qualifiers
Guidelines for PhD qualifier in the department of Energy Science and Engineering are presented. These are in addition to the minimum eligibility criteria of the Institute.
Minimum Credit Requirement
For those with an M.Tech. degree : 22 credit (at least two EN 600+ level courses)
For those with a B.Tech./M.Sc. degree : 44 (at least five EN 600+ level courses)
No additional course requirement for integrated/dual degree students (M.Tech+PhD, MSc-PhD).
Seminar and communication courses are compulsory. Students can opt for maximum of one UG level course with the prior approval from the DPGC.
Minimum Grade Point
Minimum CPI of 7.00.
For integrated/dual degree students (M.Tech+PhD, MSc-PhD) CPI of last two semesters should only be considered.(3rd and 4th semesters)
Oral presentation to a committee on the proposed research area and followed by viva/questions. The presentation by student shall be for about 30 minutes (without interruption) and followed by questions from the committee members (for about 60 minutes).

Committee consists of Expected advisor and two experts, appointed by DPGC/HoD. Committee submits report to the DPGC. In case of difference of opinions among members, report by individual member should be submitted to the DPGC. Decision of DPGC is final.
Student can have a maximum of one unsuccessful attempt. If a student does not clear in first attempt, (s)he has to appear again within three months.
Students are expected to take the qualifier within six months of completion of course work. First annual progress seminar (APS) may be combined with the qualifier with permission from DPGC. Following time indicates the time before the student must present the qualifier.
Qualifying Degree / Category
Qualifier Timing
End of second semester
End of third semester
End of second semester
End of fifth semester
End of fifth semester