MSc - Phd Programme


The energy sector provides significant research challenges in the development of new materials, devices and energy systems. Fundamental research contributions are required for the development of cost-effective and sustainable energy systems. The problems of finite fossil fuel reserves and global warming require fundamental breakthroughs in energy extraction, processing, conversion and utilisation. For instance, recent advances in nano-science and nano-technology have already resulted in potential applications for new materials in hydrogen energy storage, improved batteries, super capacitors, fuel cells. Several innovative research solutions are required to shape the sustainable energy systems of the future.

The Dual Degree M.Sc.- Ph.D. programme plans to develop researchers who can provide fundamental inputs required to meet the challenges of the energy sector. The intake is to be through JAM (18 seats, from CY, PH & MA papers). The core course will provide a background of analytical and laboratory techniques as well as courses related to understanding energy systems. Several electives (8 courses) are provided in the curriculum to enable the student to specialise in their area of interest.

The DD M.Sc.- Ph.D. programme will meet the future need for skilled researchers in the energy field.