MSc - Phd Programme

Comments from Industry People

From Planning Commission

Comment by Dr. Kirit S. Parikh, Member, Planning Commission

I was delighted to see your proposal on the MSc-PhD in Energy Sciences that IIT Bombay is launching. The country faces enormous challenges in meeting its energy requirements and we are also facing huge shortage of skilled people in this area. This would, therefore, be a very useful programme. I like the multi-disciplinary structure of the programme. I wish it all success.

From Forbes Marshall

Comment by Dr. Naushad Forbes, CMD, Forbes Marshall

I personally wanted to support these programmes. There is certainly great need for skilled people in two areas:
1) For technical advance in energy technologies � such as process re-engineering, or indeed in more efficient generation itself. We are looking, for example, at how various waste fuels can be optimally burnt, and would welcome being able to consult or recruit some MTEch�s or even PhDs with in-depth knowledge of combustion. Or take something like the measurement of steam dryness � again a perfect area for us, or the remote monitoring of steam flow.
2) Second is implementation of what is known already � so work on energy management. We would also be very happy to sponsor student projects, of course at the M Tech and PhD level, but also for the joint degree programme. So we welcome this initiative and look forward to being able to recruit some good students soon.

From Tata BP Solar

Comment by K. Subramanya, CEO, Tata BP Solar

We are pleased to note that IIT Bombay is considering starting New Energy Programmes. I wish to inform you that the renewable energy industry in general and solar industry in particular is growing at a breath-taking pace globally. Last five years have seen average 35% to 45% growth and the industry experts believe the next five years will also see similar global growth. India has a potential to grow at same or higher pace, given suitable policy framework. One of the biggest hurdles in the growth could be availability of high quality skilled manpower and in fact, it was a subject orchestrated by many in the recent PV Conference held at Dressden, Germany. The industry leaders envisage significant shortage of qualified personnel in the field of Research, Manufacturing, System Design, Engineering, Safety Specialists and Process Specialists. Therefore, your proposal to start these New Programmes come at the right time.

From Thermax

Comment by Kamlesh Pande, Vice President (R& D & Innovation), Thermax Limited, Pune

I was very happy to know that IITB is planning to start two new Energy-related programs. With great interest I went through the contents of both these programs, and find them extremely relevant to the current needs of industries. As it happens, we, in industries, are facing shortage of skilled and qualified energy engineers who could contribute effectively to energy conservation, management & planning. I am sure such programs will address our needs. I suggest modified version of these programs could also be administered to the working professionals.


Comment by Dr. R. R. Sonde, Exec. Director, NTPC (Energy Tech. Research Centre)

If I say that this is timely, I am making an obvious statement and, if one would like to go purely by my close to two and half years� experience in attempting to establish Energy Technologies Research Center for NTPC to develop technologies in energy systems (more particularly in power sector), I am more than convinced that single most important impediment in creation of this center is availability of right quality manpower at all three levels- from graduate to Doctoral. � We will need about 270 such specialists in the next five years- a difficult target given the experience I had in my recent venture of trying to get people from India and abroad.

From Reliance Energy

Comment by Mr. P. S. Pandya Senior Consultant, Reliance Energy (Ex Executive Director)

Have perused the course content of Integrated M.Sc./P.hd. course in Energy. Considering the scarcity & the costs of the fuel sources and impact on the environment on their conversion, the need for efficient conversion/usage of energy is being increasingly felt. The course content as gathered from the website is exhaustive and should lead to training Research oriented Candidates. From that perspective the Industry would welcome such an initiative from IIT, Mumbai.