Shireesh B Kedare

Shireesh B Kedare

Institute Chair Professor

sbkedare(at)iitb(dot)ac(dot)in; sbkedare(at)iitbombay(dot)org

Academic Background:

  • B. Tech. (Mech.Engg.), IIT Bombay, 1985
  • Ph.D., IIT Bombay, 1992

Contact Address:

Sustainable Development Lab, 6th floor, Dept of Energy Sc & Engg, IIT Bombay, Adi Shankaracharya Marg, Mumbai 400076, INDIA

Ph: +91 22 2576 7835
Fax: +91 22 2576 4890

Research Interest:

  • Concentrating Solar Collectors for process heat and power with thermal storage
  • Renewable energy technologies
  • Indian oil and natural gas sector
  • Context specific participatory integrated rural development

Courses Offered:

  • EN 601:Nonconventional Energy Sources
  • EN 619:Solar Energy for Industrial Process Heat
  • EN 615:Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  • EN110:Fundamentals of Energy Engineering
  • EN 211:Mechanics of materials (Previously EN 307:Equipment Design and Controls)
  • TD 605:Appropriate Technology
  • EN 408:Energy Design Project
  • EN 609:Energy Laboratory
  • EN 612:Solar Energy Laboratory
  • EN 310:IC Engine and Combustion Lab

List of Publications:

  1. Papers in journals: international (50); national (7)
  2. Papers in conferences / proceedings: international (40); national (7)
  3. Books / Booklets / Chapters / Articles in books / Standards (9) and Reports (9)
  4. Patents: Granted (1) and Applied for (6); Awards (10 + 1 nomination)
  5. Scopus: Listed 49: h-index = 19; i-index = 27; Total Citations: 1392; Since 2015: 966; In the year 2019: 213
  6. Google Scholar: Listed 82: h-index = 22; i-index = 30; Total Citations: 2094; Since 2015: 1398; In the year 2019: 303

Work Experience:

  • Professor-in-charge, Centre of Excellance in Oil, Gas and Energy, IIT Bombay (Since Nov 2019)
  • Member BoG, IIT Madras (Since July 2018)
  • Independent Director, ONGC Ltd. (Nov 2015-Nov 2019)
  • Adjunct Faculty in Dept of Energy Sc and Engg (July 2001-May 2013)
  • Director (R and D), Clique Developments Ltd., Mumbai (July 2001-May 2013)
  • Courses and workshops conducted (10); Lab (1) and test set-ups (5) developed
  • Research and Development Projects (21 + 7 on-going); Consultancy (1)

Invited Lecture:

  • Invited Lectures (99)

Current Students:

  • Ph.D. Thesis: Completed (10), ongoing as guide (2), ongoing as co-guide (1)
  • Dissertations Guided: M.Tech. (48)
  • Dissertations Guided: B.Tech.-M.Tech. Dual Degree (17)
  • Dissertations Guided: M.Sc. (3)

Additional Information:

Dr. Shireesh Kedare is a Chair Professor at IIT Bombay. He loves teaching technology and engineering. With experience and exposure to industry, entrepreneurship, product development and commercialization, his ability to communicate different aspects of engineering and technology is appreciated by the students. Dr. Kedrae has pioneered application of solar concentrators for industrial process heat in India. He championed Fresnelized paraboloid concentrator ‘Arun’ that has unique and challenging optical arrangement, two-axis tracking, cavity receiver, thermal storage and optimized process integration. This technology is globally recognized and is expected to save emissions of about 28 million tons of CO2 in its lifetime. Dr. Kedare was part of the team working at IIT Bombay on development of megawatt scale solar thermal power plant with hybrid solar field consisting of Parabolic Trough Collectors (PTC) and Linear Fresnel Reflectors (LFR) using two different thermal media and including a short period thermal storage system. Presently, his focus is on development of solar thermal technologies for 24 h/d power generation using Heliostat, LFR, molten salt based single media thermocline storage and PCM based steam storage. He is also involved in developing a solar receiver for 3.5 kWe Free-Piston Stirling Engine. Dr. Kedare is active in development and dissemination of implements for traditional wood-fired cook-stoves, solar cookers and dryers for agricultural produce. He is involved in enabling system integrated context specific participatory development by enabling rural voluntary agencies through his NGO “Su-Lok Chetana Pratishthan”. Dr. Kedare has minimized his daily carbon foot print. He uses public transport for his daily commuting to work and uses bicycle for transport in the vicinity. He stresses upon the implementation of various energy saving measures as well as recycling bio-waste.