Sagar Mitra

Sagar Mitra


Academic Background:

  • Ph.D, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India in 2004
  • Postdoc at Universite of Jules Verne and University of Paul Sabatier, France 2004-2006
  • Principal Electrochemist at Replisaurus Technologies AB, Kista, Sweden (2006-2009)

Contact Address:

Department of Energy Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay, Powai Mumbai 400 076, India Office: DESE-ESED Building (7th Floor, Room No 705)


Research Interest:

  • Lithium ion Battery, electrode materials, electrolyte, fabrication
  • Na-ion batteries, electrode materials, fabrication
  • Metal Sulphur Batteries for large scale storage
  • Solid-State Batteries; Hybrid Ionic electrolyte
  • Commercial scale battery research
  • Lithium ion battery analysis

Courses Offered:

  • Introduction to Energy System Engineering
  • Renewable Technologies
  • Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion
  • Electrochemistry
  • Chemistry for Energy Science
  • Electrochemistry of Fuel cells
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage

List of Publications:

  1. 130. Fluorine Rich Borate Salt Anion Based Electrolyte for High Voltage Sodium Metal Battery Development by Harshita Lohani, Dale T. Duncan, Xueping Qin, Pratima Kumari, Mega Kar, Abhinanda Sengupta, Aakash Ahuja, Arghya Bhowmik, and Sagar Mitra; accepted in Small, 7th June 2024.
  2. 129.Inclusion of Anion Additives in the Inner Solvation Shell to Regulate the Composition of Solid Electrolyte Interphase; Harshita Lohani,Ajit Kumar, Amreen Bano, Arpita Ghosh, Pratima Kumari, Aakash Ahuja, Abhinanda Sengupta, Dhruv Kumar, Dan Thomas Major, and Sagar Mitra; Adv. Energy Materials, accepted on May 2024.
  3. 128.Enhancing Electrochemical Stability of Silicon-Carbon and NMC based Lithium-ion Batteries through the Synergistic Impact of Charge Balance and Direct-Contact Pre-lithiation Strategy; Manoj Gautam, Govind Kumar Mishra, K Bhawana, Chhotelal Sah Kalwar, and Sagar Mitra; J. Electrochem. Soc.; accepted on May 2024.
  4. 127.Unleashing the Impact of Heteroatom-doped, Single Crystal, Cobalt-free P2-type Na0.67Ni0.33Mn0.67O2 on Elevating the Cycle Life of Sodium-ion Batteries; Energy Storage Materials; by Abhinanda Sengupta, Ajit Kumar, Amreen Bano, Aakash Ahuja, Harshita Lohani, Sri Harsha Akella, Pratima Kumari, Malachi Noked, Dan T. Major, Sagar Mitra; Energy Storage Materials, accepted on 25th April 2024. 
  5. 126.Controlling the Potential of Affordable Quasi-Solid Composite Gel Polymer Electrolytes for High-Voltage Lithium-Ion Batteries; Govind Kumar Mishra, Manoj Gautam, K. Bhawana, Manisha Patro, Shishir Kumar Singh, and Sagar Mitra; accepted in Batteries & Supercaps; 2nd Feb 2024.
  6. 125.Unravelling Redox Phenomenon and Electrochemical Stability of Li1.6Al0.5Ge1.5P2.9Si0.1O12 Solid Electrolyte Against Li Metal and Silicon Anodes for Advanced Solid-State Batteries; Supriya Sau, Manas Ranjan Panda, Gayatree Barik, Manoj Gautam, Md. Adil, S.N. Jha, and Sagar Mitra; Materials Today Energy, accepted on 19th Oct 2023.
  7. 124.Endorsing Na+ Storage Mechanism in Low Tortuosity, High Plateau Capacity Hard Carbon Towards Development of High-Performance Sodium-ion Pouch Cells; K Bhawanaa, Manoj Gautama, Govind Kumar Mishra, Nilanjan Chakrabarty, S Wajhal, Dhruv Kumar, Dimple P. Dutta and Sagar Mitra; Carbon; 214, 118319, 2023.
  8. 123.Design of Low-Stress Robust Silicon and Silicon-Carbide Anode with High Areal Capacity and High Energy Density for Next-Generation Lithium-Ion Batteries; Manoj Gautam, Govind Kumar Mishra, Mohammad Furquan, K Bhawana, Dhruv Kumar and Sagar Mitra, Chemical Engineering Journal; Volume 472, 144916, 2023.
  9. 122.Energy Density Lithium-Ion Pouch Cell with Modified High Voltage Lithium Cobalt Oxide Cathode and Graphite Anode: Prototype Stabilization, Electrochemical and Thermal Study; Govind Mishra; Manoj Gautam; K Bhavana; Jit Ghosh; Sagar Mitra; J. Power Sources; Volume 580, 233395, 2023.
  10. 121. Transition Metal Nitrides: An Emerging Nanostructured Materials for Oxygen Electrocatalysis; Nadeema Ayesha, Aakash Ahuja and Sagar Mitra; Chemistry Selects, accepted June 2023.
  11. 120.Germanium-Free Dense Lithium Superionic Conductor and Interface Re-Engineering for All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries against High Voltage Cathode" Mishra, Govind; Gautam, Manoj; Bhawana, K; Chakrabarty, Nilanjan; Mitra, Sagar; ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces; 15, 8, 10629–10641, 2023.
  12. 119. Lower Diffusion-Induced Stress in Nano-crystallites of P2-Na2/3Ni1/3Mn1/2Ti1/6O2 Novel Cathode for High Energy Na-ion Batteries; Abhinanda Sengupta, Ajit Kumar, Gayatree Barik, Aakash Ahuja, Jit Ghosh, Harshita Lohani, Pratima Kumari, Tanmay K. Bhandakkar and Sagar Mitra; Small, Volume19, Issue12, 2206248, 2023.
  13. 118. Regulating Polysulfide Conversion Kinetics Using Tungsten Diboride as Additive For High-Performance Li–S Battery;Tuhin Subhra Sahu, Abhijitha V G, Ipsita Pal, Supriya Sau, Manoj Gautam, Birabar R. K. Nanda, Sagar Mitra; Small, Volume18, Issue41, 2203222, 2022.
  14. 117.Artificial Organo-Fluoro-Rich Anode Electrolyte Interface and Partially Sodiated Hard Carbon Anode for Improved Cycle Life and Practical Sodium-Ion Batteries; Harshita Lohani, Ajit Kumar, Pratima Kumari, Aakash Ahuja, Manoj Gautam, Abhinanda Sengupta, and Sagar Mitra; ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 14, 33, 37793-37803, 2022.
  15. 116. An Excellent and Fast Anode for Lithium-Ion Batteries Based on 1T'–MoTe2 Phase Material" Authors: Panda, Manas; Sau, Supriya; Gangwar, Rashmi; Pandey, Dhanshree; Muthuraj, Divyamahalakshmi; Chen, Wanqing; Chakrabarti, Aparna; Banerjee, Arup; Sagdeo, Archna; Bao, Qiaoliang; Majumder, Mainak; Mitra, Sagar; ACS Applied Energy Materials; 5, 8, 9625-9640,2022.
  16. 115. Single‐Crystal Spinel Li1.08Mn1.92O4 octahedra cathode covered with Li-ion permeable robust NMC thin-layer protection for high voltage lithium‐ion batteries ; Aakash Ahuja, Ajit Kumar, Abhinanda Sengupta, Manoj Gautam, Harshita Lohani, Pratima Kumari and Sagar Mitra; Energy Storage Materials; accepted on 6 July 2022.
  17. 114. A comprehensive study of sodium copper hexacyanoferrate, as a sodium-rich low-cost positive electrode for sodium-ion batteries" Adil, Md; Sau, Supriya; Darmmala, Pradeep; Mitra, Sagar; Energy & Fuels, accepted on 30th June 2022.
  18. 113. Sodium-Ion Batteries: Chemistry of Biomass Derived Disordered Carbon in Carbonate and Ether-based electrolytes; K Bhawana, Amlan Roy, 1, Nilanjan Chakrabarty, 1, Manoj Gautam, Dimple P. Dutta* and Sagar Mitra*; Electrochimica Acta, accepted on 17 June 2022.
  19. 112. Non-Aqueous Rechargeable Calcium-ion Batteries Based on High Voltage Zirconium-doped Ammonium Vanadium Oxide Cathode; Md Adil; Ananta Sarkar; Supriya Sau; Divyamahalakshmi Muthuraj; Sagar Mitra; J. Power Sources, accepted on 23rd May 2022.
  20. 111. Water-in-salt electrolyte-based extended voltage range, safe, and long cycle life aqueous calcium-ion cells" by Adil, Md.; Ghosh, Arpita; Mitra, Sagar; ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces; accepted on 19th May 2022.
  21. 110. Direct Contact Prelithiation of Si-C Anode Study as a Function of Time, Pressure, Temperature and the Cell Ideal Time; Gautam, Manoj; Mishra, Govind; Ahuja, Aakash; Sau, Supriya; Furquan, Mohammad; Mitra, Sagar; ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, accepted on 4th April 2022.
  22. 109. Enhanced electrochemical properties of W-doped Na3V2(PO4)2F3@C as cathode material in sodium ion batteries; Jeffry Nongkynrih;Abhinanda Sengupta; Brindaban Modak; Sagar Mitra; A.K.Tyagi; Dimple P.Dutta: Electrochimica Acta, accepted on 22 March 2022.
  23. 108. Electrocatalytic Activity of Polyaniline in Magnesium-Sulfur Batteries: Krishna, Murali; Ghosh, Arnab; Muthuraj, Divyamahalakshmi; Das, Sharmistha; Mitra, Sagar, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 13, 5, 1337–1343, 2022

Work Experience:

  • Indian Institute of Technology Bombay from March 2009
  • "Principal Electrochemist" at Replisaurus Technologies, Sweden (2006-2009)
  • Post Doctoral Fellow at UPS and UJV, France (2004-2006)

Current Students:

  • Akash; Abhinanda; Sau; Govind; Manoj; Harshita; Pratima; Zarrin; Aswin PV; Manisha Patro; Chottelal; Bhawana;
  • Graduated: Alok, Uttam, Sudeep (Best Thesis Award), Sonal (co-guide), Pavan S. Veluri (Best Thesis Award), Shivani, Swoumiya,Manohar, Ananta Sarkar (Best Thesis Award),Arpan (co-guide), Md. Furquan (Best Thesis Award), Antara Chakraborty; Ajit Kumar (Best Thesis Award); Prasit Kumar Dutta; Divya (Best Thesis award);Manas, Arnab Ghosh (Best Thesis Award), Md. Adil, Amlan Roy