Lalit Kumar

Lalit Kumar


Academic Background:

  • PhD (chemical engineering) from NTNU Trondheim, Norway [2011-2014]
  • M. Tech (chemical engineering) from IIT Kanpur, India [2002-2004]
  • B. Tech (chemical engineering) from IIT Kanpur, India [1998-2002]

Contact Address:

Room No. 321, Transit Building, Department of Energy Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra-400076

(0091 22) - 2576-7886

Research Interest:

  • Wax deposition, pipeline shut-in and restart processes
  • Bulk and interfecial rheology
  • Thermochemical heat storage system design
  • Water Purification/ Oil-water separation
  • Population balance modeling in fluidized bed

Courses Offered:

  • EN 410 Energy Management
  • EN 649 Introduction to Particulate Flow
  • EN 309 Thermal & Fluid Engineering Lab
  • EN 420 Energy Laboratory II
  • EN 315 Reaction Engineering & Combustion
  • EN 651 Multiphase Petroleum Transportation

List of Publications:

  1. Kumar Lalit*, Konstantin Pougatch, Martha Salcudean, John Grace, Dana Grecov, Jennifer McMillan, "Population balance modeling for the growth of model agglomerates via primary and secondary agglomeration in gas-fluidized beds." Accepted for publication in Powder Technology, 2017
  2. Kumar, Lalit*, Olaf Skjaersean, Karin Hald, Kristofer Paso and Johan Sjöblom., "Nonlinear rheology and pressure wave propagation in a thixotropic elasto-viscoplastic fluid, in the context of flow restart." Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 231. 11-25 (20016).
  3. Kumar, Lalit*, Kristofer Paso and Johan Sjöblom, "Numerical study of flow restart in the pipeline filled with weakly compressible waxy crude oil in non-isothermal condition." Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 223. 9-19, (2015).
  4. Kumar, Lalit*, Chris Lawrence, Yansong Zhao, Kristofer Paso, Brian Grimes, and Johan Sjöblom. "Numerical study of pipeline restart of weakly compressible irreversibly thixotropic waxy crude oils." AIChE Journal, 61, 2657 - 2671 (2015).
  5. Kumar, Lalit*, Vishwajeet Mehandia, and S. Narayanan. "Modeling Laminar Pulsatile Flow for Superior Cleaning of Fouling Layers." Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 54, no. 43 10893-10900 (2015).
  6. Kumar, Lalit*, Lawrence Chris, and Sjöblom Johan, "Mechanism of Pressure Propagation and Weakly Compressible Homogenous and Heterogeneous Thixotropic Gel Breakage to study flow restart." RSC Adv., 4, 27493, (2014).
  7. Zhao, Yansong; Paso, Kristofer Paso; Kumar, Lalit; Safieva, Jamilia; Sariman, Mior Zaiga B.; Sjöblom, Johan. "Controlled Shear Stress and Controlled Shear Rate Nonoscillatory Rheological Methodologies for Gelation Point Determination." Energy & Fuels.; 27 (4) (2013).
  8. Zhao, Yansong; Kumar, Lalit; Paso, Kristofer Gunnar; Ali, Hassan; Safieva Jamilia; Sjöblom, Johan. "Gelation and Breakage Behavior of Model Wax-Oil Systems: Rheological Properties and Model Development." Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 51 (23) (2012).
  9. Zhao, Yansong; Kumar, Lalit; Paso, Kristofer Gunnar; Safieva, Jamilia; Sariman, MZB; Sjöblom, Johan. "Gelation Behavior of Model Wax-Oil and Crude Oil Systems and Yield Stress Model Development." Energy & Fuels. 26 (10) (2012).
  10. SS Jayaraman, KS KAMKAR, Kumar, Lalit, A Sah and SR Saurabh “A process and a device for surface cleaning” , Patent # US 8016949/2011 (2011).
  11. Kumar, Lalit and S. Narayanan, “Analysis of pulse flow and its application in particle removal from surfaces”, Chemical Eng. Science, 65, 5582 (2010)
  12. V. Shankar and Kumar, Lalit, “Stability of two-layer Newtonian plane Couette flow past a deformable solid layer”, Physics of Fluids, 16, 4426 (2004)

Work Experiance:

  • Assistant Professor, IIT Bombay [2016 onwards]
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Mechanical Engineering, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada [2014-2016]
  • Principal Research Associate/associate Scientist, Hindustan Unilever Research Center, Bangalore, India [2007-2011]
  • Researcher assistant and project assistant at ETH Zurich and IISc Bangalore [2004-2007]

Current Students:

  • Lomesh tikariha (PhD student)
  • Ankit Mukherjee (PhD student with Prof. Sandip Kumar Saha and Prof. C. Subramaniam )
  • Sachin Shinde (PhD student)