ESA Constitution (Draft Report)

  1. Short Title: These rules are called the Energy Students Association rules 2007. These shall come in to force from 08-08-2007.


  1. Application: These rules shall apply to all the

(a)               Members of the ESA

(b)               All the office bearers of ESA

(c)               All the activities of ESA


  1. Definitions: In this rules, unless the context otherwise requires

(a)               Association means the Energy Students Association (ESA)

(b)               Member means a person, who is having voting right other than faculty members.

(c)               Patrons mean the person exclusively the faculty of ESE, who shall not vote.

(d)               President means the head of ESE, who shall by right become Ex-officer.


  1. Executive body shall have following people whose  tenure is for one year(August to August), who are elected by the members of ESA:


             Secretary of General Affairs

             Secretary of Internal Affairs

             Secretary of External Affairs

             Secretary of Cultural Affairs

             Secretary of Public Relations


  1. The executive body may decide to add other posts with the approval of the President.


  1. The election shall be held every year in July-August.


  1. The President shall nominate a Faculty advisor to hold the election for the office bearers.


  1. Any member of the association, who is studying in the Department of Energy Science and Engineering, can contest in the election.


  1. For a lifetime patron membership the person shall pay Rs.200/- once.


  1. To become a lifetime member one shall pay Rs.100/- once and shall apply in writing in form-I (in a given format) to the president of association.


  1. Duties and responsibilities of elected members are given in the charter. Elected members shall abide by them.


  1. The association shall organize minimum number of seminars or workshops in average term of four month duration. However the funds so collected shall be credited to ESA fund, being operated jointly by a faculty member and a student nominee as treasurer of the association.


  1. The executive body shall meet once in 15 days to discuss the progress made and plan the activities. The minutes shall be forwarded to the President; the same shall be certified by Secretary of General Affairs.


  1. General body meeting (GBM) shall be conducted twice in a year and gap of holding the two GBMs should not exceed 4 months in presence of the President.


  1. Any amendment in the constitution should be done with resolution passed by a simple majority of more than 50%. In case of a deadlock the President shall have the final say.



  1. Members will be given preference for attending seminars and industrial visits. The Secretary of External Affairs shall inform the tentative dates for the seminars in advance.



  1. The association shall make efforts to have collaborative ventures with other professional bodies, with similar objectives.


  1. Association shall arrange the picnic at least once in every term, maximum of three in a calendar year. The Cultural Affairs Secretary shall intimate the tentative date and venue 7 days in an advance by notification in writing.


  1. Association shall develop a report with industries of relevance for placements; the Secretary of Public relation shall prepare a mailing list of industries and pass it on to the Placement Representative.


  1. Association shall also celebrate Energy related days with different programs.


  1. Executive body shall be responsible for raising the fund required to organize the programs, by hosting seminars or workshops, by undertaking any other jobs with the permission of the President.


  1. The secretary of General Affairs shall inform in writing the various activities planned.


  1. Member who wants to discontinue shall make an application in writing to the President.


  1. Each member of ESA must be responsible for all the activities and should actively take part in the same.


  1. Annual report of all activities of ESA will be circulated to the members.


  1. Official correspondence address of Association :


Secretary of General Affairs, ESA,

Department of Energy Science and Engineering,

IIT Bombay

Powai, Mumbai- 400 076


  1. Visit site  for more information about ESA.



  1. Eligibility for membership

     Anyone who wishes to learn, explore and contribute in the field of energy, no matter from what background, is eligible to join the association.

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