Grid connected rooftop PV power plants:From Basics to installation with hands-on experience (Repeat Course)

Wed, 2014-02-19 05:30

Several states in India have announced rooftop solar policies and a huge market is currently under development. Rooftop PV is a compelling solution to rising energy costs, whether it is for captive use/self consumption or grid-feed. Rooftop PV is already at grid parity or a better solution in the long term in a range of market segments, commercial and industrial in particular.

The workshop is designed to develop understanding in both design and implementation of grid connected rooftop PV power plants. The workshop would provide grounding in both basics of design and engineering as well as hands-on installation and testing. The workshop covers basics of PV, inverters and systems, PV and inverter selection process, basics of plant electrical and structural engineering, BoS and monitoring as well as installation and test practices. The workshop includes hands-on sessions on installation and testing of PV array, inverters, power evacuation and monitoring systems as well as plant performance testing.

19th -21st Feb 2014, IIT Bombay