Old Events

      Energy Day 2012, March 17-18, 2012
      ICAER 2011, Dec 9-11, 2011
      Energy Day 2011 , March 19, 2011  
      Energy Day 2010 , April 3, 2010
      CEP course  on Energy Management  from 22 to 26 November , 2010. 
      International Conference and Exhibition on Advances in Energy Research from 9th to 11th December, 2009
      CEP course  on Energy Management  from 23 to 27 November , 2009.
      CEP course on Energy and Water Conservation through Pinch Analysis 8th to 10th October, 2009
      Workshop on Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells April 4, 2009
      Downloadable Presentation on Workshop
      Energy Day - Annual Event of Department of Energy Science and Engineering , March 21, 2009 
      International Training Programme on 'Nanotechnology in Energy Applications' from 1st to 12th December, 2008
      CEP course  on "Energy Management"  from 24 th to 28 th Nov , 2008
      Course on "Solar Photovoltaic Technologies:An Introduction for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Policy makers", 3rd and 4 th Nov , 2008
      National Workshop on SOLAR THERMAL POWER GENERATION April 28, 2008
      CEP course  on "Wind Energy Technology "  April 15-18, 2008
      Energy Day - Annual Event of Department of Energy Science and Engineering , conducted on March 15, 2008
      First International Conference on Advances in Energy Research December 12-14, 2007
      CEP course  on "Energy Management"  from 26 to 30 th Nov , 2007
      CEP course  on "Fuel Cells"  on 13th and 14th of November , 2007
      AER Energy Awards
      Seminar on Energy, Environment and Development on 11th October, 2007
      Prime Minister honours ESE Alumni
      CEP Course on Solar Photovoltaics at BEL, Bangalore on September 17th and 18th 2007
      Faculty Recruitment Last date of receipt of applications September 10, 2007
      Excellence in Teaching Award for Prof. J K Nayak
      Presentation given to MERC on Analysis of Maharashtra's Power Situation
      A Report on Analysis of Maharashtra's Power Situation
      CEP course on "Wind Energy Technology"
      Energy day - 2007 31st March, 2007.
      CEP course on "Process Integration for pollution prevention" from 19th to 20th January,2007
      Special Lecture Series on Solar Cells by Prof. Vikram L. Dalal from 12th to 22nd January, 2007.
      Half day workshop on Energy Efficiency and Benchmarking of Glass Furnace on 12th January,2007.
      CEP course  on "Energy Management"  from 27th Nov to  1st Dec, 2006
      National conference on advances in Energy Research 4th and 5th dec, 2006
      Solar Photovoltaic Technologies (offered through C-DEEP)
      Renet Renewable Energy Workshop, 21st and 22nd sept, 2006
      CEP course on Solar Photo Voltaic Tehnologies. 1st to 3rd sept, 2006
      Research systems research seminar series
      EN 607 Energy Management (offered through C-DEEP) held from Jan to April 2006.
      One day work shop on Arun160: Industrial solar thermal concentrator system  held on 22nd April, 2006.
      One day workshop on Energy efficiency and Benchmarking of Glass Furnace held on 3rd April, 2006
      Continuing Education Program on "Solar Photovoltaic Technologies - Present and Future"April 21-23, 2005
      Seminar on "Energy Efficient Measures in Captive Power Plant" March 30th, 2005
      Energy Day 2005 Feb 26, 2005
      IIT-ONGC CEP Training Course on "Energy Conservation & Energy Management:January 17-21, 2005
      Seminar on "Mainstreaming Renewable Energy in 21st Century "October 27th, 2004
      Seminar on "Gas Turbine Application and Performance Analysis " September 8th, 2004
      Seminar on "Load Forecast for Kernatka"March 31st, 2004
      Energy Day - 2004 February 28th, 2004
      Electricity Market are we ready? February 4th, 2004
      IITB-MNES Training Course on Analysis of Bio-energy technologies in India , November 3 -7, 2003
      Role Of Nuclear Power in Energy Scenario. October 15th, 2003
      Seminar on Energy Conservation
      C.E.P. Course on Energy Management September 29th - October 1st, 2003
      Maharashtra Power System Operation and Control with the availability Based Tariff regime
      Seminar on Solar Water Heating
      Seminar on Indian Nuclear Power Plants
      Seminar on Urban Solid Waste Management: Kitchen and Other Biodegradable Waste Based Nisargruna (Biogas) Plant
      Seminar on Promoting Efficient Electric Lighting and Safe Drinking Water in Developing Countries.