Thermogravimetric Analyser coupled with Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

TGA – DTA unit coupled with QMS, customized for analysing thermal stability of solid and liquid samples and to characterize the evolved gas or vapour, with complete control of the atmosphere.

Make and Model:
Netzsch GmbH,
STA 449F1 Jupiter (TGA-DTA)
Netzsch GmbH,
QMS 403D Aeolos (MS),
Proteus interface, NIST database
STA 449 F1 Jupiter thermo-gravimetric unit
Temperature range RT- 1500ᵒC
Heating and cooling rates 0.001-50K/min
TGA resolution 0.025 μg
Atmosphere- inert, oxidizing (only till 800ᵒC), reducing, static, dynamic, vacuum through the entire temperature range
Fast heating rate is attainable with vacuum, inert or normal atmosphere in temperature control measurement up to 1200⁰ C.
Inert atmosphere temperature controlled measurements can be done with nitrogen, argon and zero air atmosphere.
Integrated mass flow controller for 2 purge gases and 1 protective gas
Internal pressure standard 10-4 mbar
QMS 403 D Aeolos mass spectrometer
Minimum measurement pressure/detection limit 2x10-14 mbar
Temperature range RT-1500ᵒC (gases), RT-300ᵒC (volatiles and vapors)
Mass range 1-300 amu, resolution 0.5 amu
Quartz capillary
Channeltron detector 25-100 eV ionization energy, Electron Impact
Available modes for use:
Analog Scan, Scan Bargraph, Multi Ion Detection (MID)
Whether facility is open to external users? : No
Hydrogen and Photovoltaics Laboratory,
Department of Energy Science and Engineering
Behind Bio diesel plant, Opposite Heavy structure Laboratory
Contact Details:
Convener/Incharge Name : Prof. Pratibha Sharma
Dept. of Energy Science and Engineering.