Metal Sputtering Unit

A sputtering system is a vacuum chamber, which after it is pumped out, is re-filled with a low-pressure Argon gas. A high voltage ionizes the gas, and creates what is known as the Crookes dark space near the cathode, which in our case, consists of a target made out of the metal we want to deposit. Almost all of the potential of the high-voltage supply appears across the dark space. The electric field accelerates the Argon atoms, which slam into the metal target. There is an exchange of momentum and the metal atoms are ejected from the target and heads to the substrate, where it gets deposited. Our system is a four-target system where four metals can be sputtered without breaking the vacuum.
Make and Model:
Excel Instruments
       Substrate size: Max. 2 inch diameter wafer
       Targets: Cu, Mo, ZnO, Ni, Zn and Al.
       Substrate Temperature: Room temperature
       Gases used in the system: Ar for sputtering.
       Base pressure: 10-5 mbar.
Whether facility is open to external users?
Short circuit lab, near main power house 022-2576-4839
 IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai-400076.
Contact Details:
Incharge Name : Prof. Balasubramaniam Kavaipatti,
Department of Energy Science and Engineering.