Kelvin Probe


Work function analysis system using Kelvin probe
Make and Model:
Besocke Delta Phi Gmbh.
Piezoelectric drive
· Sensitivity < 0.1 mV
· Non-destructive to the surface state of the sample
· Operation in any desired position possible
· Simple and extremely flexible installation in any experimental chamber
· Operation in air and other gaseous environments
· UHV compatible, bakeable up to 220°C
· Temperature operation range from liquid Helium to 220°C
· Sample temperature up to 800°C with simple heat sink connection
· Reference electrode: Au grid, diameter 3 mm, transparency 60 %
· Well suited for photovoltaic experiments
· Mean distance between reference electrode and sample about 1mm
· Automatic operation with Kelvin Control 07 unit
· Operation with sample on ground potential
· Easy combination with other analysis tools
· Variation of dimensions and materials on request
Available modes for use:
Whether facility is open to external users? : No
Devices and Interfaces Lab, Transit Building, near main power house, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai-400076.
Contact Details:
Convener/Incharge Name : Prof. Shaibal K. Sarkar, Dept, of Energy Science and Engineering.