High Speed Camera

A Movable high speed digital camera, works with external light source. This camera is used to capture high resolution images and videos at very high frame rate.
Make and Model:
Vision Research Inc. Dey Rd, Wayne, NJ 07470 USA, Phantom v 9.1
Sensor                               : 1,632 x 1,200 pixel SR-CMOS
Image Bit Depth                  : 14-bit (standard)
Sensitivity                           : 2400 ISO/ASA mono-chrome
Frames per Second (FPS)    : Full sensor to 1000 fps
Exposure Time                    : Variable, independent of sample rate (fps) to microsecond
Lens Mounts                        : Nikon mount standard. Many others lens mounts available including C-mount
Software                              : Phantom (windows based software)
Whether facility is open to external users? : No
FM Lab, Urja Lab, Opposite to old CSE building,  IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai-400076.
Contact Details:
Convener/Incharge Name : Prof. Manaswita Bose, Dept, of Energy Science and Engineering.