Climatic Test Chamber

Introduction: climate test chamber is an enclosure used to test the effects of specified environmental conditions on  PV solar modules.
·         height = 1 m; Width=1.2 m, Depth=1.6 m Rack:
To hold 4 to 6 PV modules in vertical position
·         Maximum Test Load capacity : 250 Kg
·         Max. chamber Temperature: +180 Deg C  with 6 deg/min
·         higher Min. Chamber Temperature: -70 Deg C with 5 deg/min.
Whether facility is open to external users: For the department. Also, used for student lab experiment.
PV Characterization and Simulation Lab, Short Circuit Lab, Near Hill Side Power House, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai-400076
Contact Details:
In-charge name: Prof. Rajesh Gupta, Dept. of Energy Science & Engineering