Nuclear Power Generation by Prof. Suneet Singh

Location and Date: 
Wednesday, July 27, 2016, 5:00 pm, LT 104

The fission reactions are main source of commercially available nuclear
power. In contrast to a nuclear bomb, in a nuclear reactor the fission
reactions need to be sustained for steady state operation. On the other
hand the nuclear weapons have uncontrolled chain reactions. In this talk
the basic difference between bombs and reactors is explained. It can be
shown that reactors can never explode like bombs due to their inherent
configuration. The commercially available as well as proposed reactor
designs have different methods of sustaining fission reactions. In this
talk, the fundamental concepts of a pressurised water reactor (PWR),
boiling water reactor (BWR), pressurized heavy water reactor (PHWR),
Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR) etc. are discussed. The methods by which
these reactors sustain fission reactions are explained. 
A brief discussion on the major accidents is also part of this talk.