Innovative floating offshore wind power solution by Mr. Urban Joelsson

Location and Date: 
Wednesday, August 3, 2016, 4:30 pm, LT 104

Swedish innovation company Flowocean AB introduces a revolutionizing solution to utilize India’s vast offshore wind resources. Flowocean has developed an innovative design for the floating semisubmersible substructure for offshore wind power. The design offers up to 70 percent weight reduction as compared to today’s offshore substructures. The design also includes new smart configurations of wind farms and inter wind farm cabling that all together allows the FLOW solution to halve the cost of offshore wind power. Wind power has huge potential in terms of prevention of air pollution and health hazards. People have used the power of the wind for millennia, from sailing ships to grain mills. India is blessed with coastlines of 7600km which provides an unseen possibility to realize almost unlimited secure, costefficient and 100 % renewable electricity all year around. Offshore wind power has many advantages over onshore wind power. First of all, the wind speed is much higher than onshore allowing the same turbine to be much more productive. But maybe more importantly, offshore wind power does not consume two of the most valuable resources we have today, fresh water and land. Solar power and onshore wind power requires vast areas of land that could otherwise be used for agriculture, livestock, residence or other important functions for the Indian people. Solar power requires cooling water and sometime even cleaning water. The problem with today’s offshore wind power is its high cost. Flowocean AB introduces a floating wind power solution that can halve the cost of current offshore wind power solutions, making it possible to realize the vast potential along the Indian coastline.