Development of control schemes for Stand-Alone Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems and Primary Frequency Regulation by Wind Turbine Generators by Dr. C. Bhende

Location and Date: 
Friday, March 18, 2016, 3:30 pm, LT 303


In many countries there are remote communities where connection with powergrid is too expensive or impractical and diesel generators (DG) are often the source of electricity. Under such circumstances, a locally placed small/medium scale off-grid renewable energy system can be a feasible solution. Typical stand-alone power system includes one or more sources, energy storage and their regulation.Control co-ordination among various renewable source, energy management, control of voltage and other power quality problems are key issues in hybrid system. In case of variable speed wind turbine generator (WTG), they are decoupled from rest of system through power electronic converters. Therefore, variable speed WTG do not contribute in the primary frequency regulation during disturbances. Using de-loaded operation of WTG, power can be reserved and reserved power can be used during under frequency events. However, de-loaded operation reduces the power extracted from WTG and capacity factor of wind farm reduces. Therefore, effective control of de-loaded operation of WTG is needed so that power extraction is more from deloaded WTG.


Dr. Chandrashekhar N. Bhende

Assistant Professor, School of Electrical Sciences, IIT Bhubaneswar

Educational Qualification:

·      PhD: Electrical Engg. Deptt., IIT Delhi, 2008

·      M-Tech. (Integrated Power System): Electrical Engg. Deptt., VNIT Nagpur, 2003

·      B.E. (Electrical): Nagpur University, 1999

Areas of Research:
Renewable energy, operation and control of micro-grid, power quality, active power filters, application of intelligent techniques.
Past Career:
·      IIT Guwahati (Assistant Professor): 31-12-2008 to 28-01-2010
·      University of Wollongong, Australia (Post-Doc): 15-06-2008 to 24-12-2008
·      Microtek International Pvt. Ltd., Delhi (R & D Engineer): 1-6-2007 to 31-12-2007
·      IIT Roorkee (Senior Research Fellow): 7-11-2003 to 12-7-2004
·      VNIT Nagpur (Ad-hoc Lecturer):  15-11-2002 to 15-5-2003 and 5-7-2000 to 28-2-2001
Sponsored Research Projects: 
·      Classification of Switched Capacitor in the Distribution Network (Seed money): 5.5 lac (Completed)
·      Control of Stand-Alone hybrid “Solar-Diesel Generator-Battery” Power Supply System (DST): 19 lac (Ongoing)
·      Photovoltaic (PV) based grid-interactive and off-grid electricity system (Indo-Finland joint funded by DST): 34.07 lac. (Ongoing)
·      Publications in referred journals: 15, Under review: 2
(IEEE Transactions- 04, Elsevier- 04, Others-07)
·      Citation: 831, h-Index: 09, i10-index: 07 (Google Scholar)
Awards & Honors
·      Indo-Australia Science and Technology Fellowship 2012-13.
·      Honorary Adjunct Fellow, Victoria University for the period of April - July 2013.
·      Innovative PhD Thesis Award-2009 given by the Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE), India.