Indian Energy Sector Policy Perspective Issues and Challenges by Dr. Suresh Chandra Sharma

Location and Date: 
Monday, July 17, 2017,4:00 pm, LT 001

Brief Outlines

ØGlobal energy supply policies, price regime & its impact on India 

·Critical policy perspective for Global energy governance architect-G20

·Global policies across different energy supply sources

·Global Energy Pricing and Trade Policies

·What drives global energy supply & prices & what should be the global energy pricing policy 

·Recent global energy sector trends for India, China & OECD countries

·Challenges for India as a part of global energy supply market

ØEnergy Sector policy perspective for Indian market 

·Critical issues & Challenges of Import dependence & volatility of prices

·Subsidies on energy & its products

·Demand supply of energy & future projections for India

·Policies for Oil Sector & petroleum products

·Polices on natural gas & making India a natural gas based economy

·Policies for Coal Sector

·Policies for renewable Energy sector

·Policies for Nuclear Energy Sector

·Critical energy sector policy issues for Indian energy market

ØIndia’s agenda on climate change & reducing Emission intensity of GDP
ØProposed teaching, research and consultancy work plan

Dr. S C Sharma holds 36 years professional career of working with Government of India, PSUs (ONGC), Petronet LNG Limited and academic institution (IIT Bombay). Dr. Sharma has worked extensively on formulation of national energy plans, policies, fuel economics & market price for energy & oil and gas sector. He holds doctorate degree from IIT Bombay.

Creating Petronet LNG Ltd. from conceptualization, to commissioning and commercialization has been one of the key achievements for Dr. Sharma.  Petronet LNG Ltd today accounts for 40% of natural gas supplies in the country.

 During last one decade Dr. Sharma has been associated with developing national energy policies including Oil & gas sector exploration & production, refining & marketing, renewable energy policies, solar mission, nuclear energy & creation of National Clean Energy Funds (NCEF) through Coal Cess.

He estimated India’s position on emission intensity of GDP presented at COP-15 in Copenhagen in Dec.2009. Dr. Sharma has been member of number of energy sector committees of Government of India.

Dr. Sharma had also been a member of number of bilateral & multilateral global energy institutions like G-20 Clean Energy Ministerial, G-20 Energy Sustainability group and energy cooperation’s with OECD countries including USA, Canada, Australia and European Union representing Government of India.