B-bem: Bayesian Building Energy Management by Dr.Ruchi Choudhary

Location and Date: 
Thursday, May 4, 2017, 5:00 pm, LC 102
One of the greatest challenges facing
the built environment is how to reduce energy consumption attributable to
existing buildings. Energy management focuses on the day-to-day operation
and the impact of
operational decisions on energy consumption can be
difficult to forecast.  The ambition of the B.bem project is to transform
conventional energy analysis processes to support future energy management
of existing non-domestic buildings – whether to assist in
small-scale changes to building operations or deep energy retrofits. The
aim is to quantify stochastic and operational uncertainties influencing
building energy use, and to propagate those uncertainties through
simulation models.  B.bem is a 3 year project, which started in October
2014, funded by the UK
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research
Council (EPSRC) as part of the Energy Management in Non-domestic Buildings
programme. This seminar will present key outcomes of this project. 

Dr Ruchi Choudhary
specializes in building simulation with a particular interest in
multi-scale modelling of energy demand and environmental characteristics
of the built environment. Her research is on
methodologies for energy management of buildings; uncertainty
quantification in building simulation models; integration of novel
building technologies and renewable energy supply systems; and
multi-disciplinary interactions influencing energy consumption of the built environment.