CsPbBr­3 and CsSnBr3 materials and PV cells by Prof. Gary Hodes

Location and Date: 
Wednesday, December 14, 2016, 11.00 AM, GG Conference Hall, EE
I will discuss our work on halide perovskite photovoltaic cells, with
emphasis on CsPb(or Sn)Br3. Stability to various types of radiation
(solar, e-beam, X-ray) will be emphasized. The question ‘why are these
perovskites so good’ will be addressed. A new method of making halide
perovskite layers starting from elemental Pb or Sn will be described.

About the Speaker
 Gary Hodes received his BSc in chemistry in 1968 and PhD in
electrochemistry and isotope chemistry in 1971, both from Queen's
University, Belfast, N. IrelandHe has been at the Weizmann Institute of
Science in Israel since 1972 and is presently a Professor Emeritus
there.His research interests have covered photovoltaic cells (including
photoelectrochemical cells, heterojunction cells and nanostructured
cells), solution deposition of semiconductors (mainly electrodeposition
and chemical bath deposition) and semiconductor quantum dot films. He now
concentrates on halide perovskite photovoltaic cells.