Polymer based Proton Exchange Membrane for the use in Fuel Cell by Dr. Tushar Jana

Location and Date: 
Monday, January 28th, 2019, 3:00 pm, Seminar Hall, Second Floor, DESE-CESE Building


Motivation of the current studies comes from the fact that despite the myriad studies on polybenzimidazole (PBI) based proton exchange membranes (PEM) for fuel cell operating above 100°C, the development of membranes with higher proton conductivity with workable mechanical strength and low acid leaching are the prime challenges. Our group has developed and been working on several strategies to address these key challenges. Briefly our approaches are: (1) synthesis of tailor made PBI structures, (2) development of a novel fabrication process called 'Gel Process', (3) blending of PBI with suitable polymers, and (4) formation of PBI hybrid nanostructures/nanocomposites with inorganic/organic fillers. In this presentation, I wish to discuss two of these approaches towards the development of PEM membranes from PBI based polymers.  
Dr Tushar Jana is with University of Hyderabad.