Photovoltaics: where are we now? By Prof. David Cahen

Location and Date: 
Monday, December 31st, 2018, 4:00 pm, Seminar Hall, Second Floor, DESE-CESE Building


The remarkable advances over the past decade in performance of photovoltaic cells, including the advent of new absorber materials, allow us to evaluate how well we understand PV and if we can at all predict future progress. Depending on time available I will discuss some or all of “best efficiencies & rdquo; and the observables that determine these and other (incl. stability) issues of both established and newer cell types.


David Cahen studied chemistry & physics at Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem (HUJI), materials science & physical chemistry at Northwestern Univ., and, as PD, biophysics of photosynthesis at the Hebrew University and Weizmann Inst. Of Science. After joining the Weizmann Institute as faculty member he specialized in optoelectronic materials chemistry & physics; today his research centers on novel materials for solar cells, and on electron transport across peptides & proteins, including implications for bio-optoelectronics. He is an AVS and MRS fellow. Since 2017 he also heads a group at nearby Bar Ilan University.