Novel Plasma-Assisted Combustion Route for NiO x Thin Film Deposition by Dr Chetan Singh

Location and Date: 
Wednesday, 16 Sep 2020, 16:00, Online


The emerging field of flexible electronics demands low-temperature, solution-processable thin films of oxide semiconductors. Towards this goal, we report a novel low-temperature synthesis route that is primarily in a combination of solution combustion synthesis and plasma irradiation to deposit p-type nonstoichiometric NiO x thin films at a relatively lower temperature range. The NiO x formation mechanism is extensively studied with x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) measurements. Here we reveal the conditional analysis to optimize the Ni 3+ concentration that essentially controls the net free carrier in the nonstoichiometric NiO thin films. Based on our understanding, the plasma treatment not only plays a deterministic role in the material and the defect formation but is also efficient in removal of chemical impurity to obtain crystalline NiO thin films.

Dr Chetan Singh is currently an Institute postdoctoral fellow at DESE, IITB.