Friendly cricket match between faculty and students

Main ground, IITB Campus
Sun, 2016-02-14 13:30

A friendly cricket match was organized by the department council between the faculties (& staff) and students on 14th Feb, 2016. The match was played for 12 overs and was won by 6 runs by the students.

Batting first, Student XI team played patiently and went on to score 99 runs with the loss of 3 wicket in 12 overs. Faculty XI team started well but suffered setbacks in the form of run-outs of Prof. Bala and Prof. Solanki. Prof. Ghosh and Prof. Neergat went on to establish a partnership of about 40 runs but couldn’t lead their team to victory.




Other intersting intra-departmental matches were held as follows:

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 PhD Vs DD final year

 M.Tech Vs DD 4th year 

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