Experiments and Numerical Analysis on Wave Energy Converter using Ocean Breaking Waves by Dr Paresh Haldar

Location and Date: 
Friday, 06 November 2020, 04:00, Online
Experiments and Numerical Analysis on Wave Energy Converter using Ocean Breaking Waves
The ocean contains a huge amount of extractable energy within which must be harnessed in a meaningful way as it remains a challenging task owing to the erratic nature of sea waves, currents, and uncontrollable sea states. To harness the power of breaking waves on the seashore, we intend to propose a new wave breaking turbine. Wave energy conversion is possible when waves approaching the shore steepens due to decreased water depth resulting in wave energy condensation near the surface. A steepened wave reaches the critical velocity of 4~8 m/sec shoreward before it breaks in the surf region. A rotating blade takes the advantage of breaking phenomena in the surf zone to harness the wave energy into electricity. The work presents an experimental and numerical investigation of computational study on a
prototype model of a wave energy device. The proposed model with five blades of variable chord lengths, twist angles, and constant thickness profile was tested under similar flow as well as testing conditions. which would help characterize the turbine performance. The validation performed for different test cases showed that the present numerical results match in good agreement with the
experimental results. 
Keywords: Wave Energy Converter; Breaking wave; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Turbine and Generator characteristics, Experimental Analysis, Numerical Analysis
Brief bio-sketch
Dr. Paresh Halder is a Post-Doctoral Scholar in the Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University where he is working on a “Floating Body Pendulum Wave Energy Converter. Before joining Saga University, He worked as a Postdoctoral scholar at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan. He has contributed more than 45 articles in different journals and conferences. His research interests include CFD, optimization, Wave energy converter, turbomachinery, Floating body wave energy converter, gas turbine film cooling, and marine renewable energy.