Energy Club organizes event with NITI AAYOG

Energy club, on 21st September, organized an event titled ‘India Energy Security Scenarios(IESS), 2047’ in collaboration with NITI AAYOG(National Institution for Transforming India). NITI Aayog is a Government of India policy think-tank established by Prime Minister Narendra Modi after his having dissolved the Planning Commission. The event was aimed to introduce IESS 2047 to the students and faculty of the institute.

The IESS, 2047 is a first-of-its kind open source interactive tool, housed within the NITI Aayog, to support informed debate amongst stakeholders and policy makers on India’s future energy planning. The guiding ambition of the event was to let the audience choose their own energy pathways and then see for itself the implications of their choices on import dependence, land-use and carbon dioxide emissions

The event was received very well by the audience.