Applying Gandhian Principles for Energy Sustainability and Mitigating Climate Change by Prof. Chetan Singh Solanki

Location and Date: 
Friday, 5th July, 2019, 4:00 PM, LC 002


Today's world is at the crossroads of a contradictory energy scenario wherein, on the one hand, energy access has to be provided to billions while, on the other hand, increasing demand and usage of energy is causing catastrophic climate change. As per IPCC report 2018, the world is already hotter by nearly 1°C and that "limiting global warming to 1.5°C would require "rapid and far-reaching" transition in energy. In the context, Solar Urja through Localization for Sustainability (SoULS) initiative of IIT Bombay provides appropriate solutions for energy sustainability. The advancement in solar technology together with cost reduction, makes it possible to localize solar energy generation and consumption where local communities take care of assembly, supply, repairs and even manufacturing of solar products. An idea in line with Gandhian philosophy of "self-reliance" and "Swaraj". In this regard, the idea of Energy Swaraj can be conceptualized, wherein communities consume and generate their own