Stability of Pb- and Sn-based halide perovskite PV materials and cells by Prof. Gary Hodes

Location and Date: 
Wednesday, February 07, 2018, 4:30 PM, LC 301


The high efficiencies and expected low production costs together with fast energy payback time of (Pb-based) halide perovskite (HaP) photovoltaic cells bode well for commercialization of these cells. The main question mark remaining as to if these cell can be commercialized is whether they will exhibit the 20+ years lifetime required of all large-scale photovoltaic cells to date or not. Stability studies on HaP materials and cells show a wide range of behaviors; however, some studies do show promising stability over at least the medium time frame (months). I discuss some of these studies together with our own results relevant to HaP (both Pb- and Sn-based) materials and cells. Since the effect of a range of incident radiation is important (e.g. e-beam and XRD) also for the ability to reliably measure these materials (such as in electron microscopy and XPS), this talk will include the effects of such radiation sources on the HaPs as well as that of solar radiation