Annual Report April 2006 to March 2007 Energy Systems Engineering

Annexure 'A'

Statistical Information of Departments

  • Student Intake:
    M.Tech - 29
    Ph.D. - 5

  • Degrees Awarded:
    M.Tech. - 22
    Ph.D. -1

  • Sponsored Projects:
    Ongoing Projects (No.) - 8
    New Projects (No.) - -
    Completed projects - 2
    Faculty involved -4

  • Consultancy:
    No. of Jobs - 4
    No. of faculty involved -3
    Income generated -5.64 Lakhs

  • Faculty / Scientific staff publications:
    Books/Chapter in Book -2
    Papers in International Journals -8
    Papers in National Journals -1

  • Faculty Participation in Conferences/Workshops/Seminars:
    International Conference / Workshops (abroad) - 2
    International Conference / Workshops (in India) -
    National -

  • Patents - 2

Faculty and their Specialisation

Core Faculty

Name Area Of Interest
Prof. Santanu Bandyopadhyay Industrial Energy Conservation, Pinch Analysis.
Prof. R. Banerjee (Convenor),
Energy Systems
Energy Audit and Management, Modelling of Energy Policy and Planning, Co-generation, Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Energy
Prof. A. Ganesh Thermo chemical conversion of biomass (Gasification, Combustion and Pyrolysis) Biomass characterization, Charcoal and active carbon manufacturing process Alternate fuels in engines.
Prof. C. S. Solanki Solar Photovoltaics, Thinfilm silicon solar cells, PV solar concentrators, Porous silicon, Carbon nano tubes (CNT's).
Prof. J. K. Nayak Passive solar architecture, Solar thermal
Prof. Manoj Neergat Fuel Cells, Electro catalysis and Electro chemistry
Prof. Pratibha Sharma Thin films, Amorphous Semiconductors, Ion Irradiation, Chalcogenides
Prof. P. C. Ghosh Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell, Hydrogen generation and storage
Prof. S. B. Kedare (Adjunct) Concentrating Solar Collectors, Industrial thermal hybrid systems

Associated Faculty

Mechanical Engineering

Prof. A.W. Date Numerical Fluid flow and heat transfer, Appropriate Technology.
Prof. J. B. Doshi Nuclear Reactor Theory, Nuclear Reactor Safety, Analytical Methods in Engineering.
Prof. U.N. Gaitonde Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer Engineering, Power plant Engineering.
Prof. K. N. Iyer Nuclear Reactor Safety, Thermal-Hydraulics, Applied Numerical Methods
Prof. M. V. Rane Waste Heat Recovery Systems, Refrigeration System, Heat Pumps
Prof. S. P. Sukhatme Heat Transfer, Energy
Prof. S. K. Mitra EOR, Micro channels, Fuel Cell, Atomization and sprays
Prof. S. V. Prabhu Flow Metering, Gas Turbine Blade Cooling, Two Phase Flow and Heat Transfer
Prof. A. Sridharan Two-phase Heat Transfer, Experimental Heat Transfer
Prof. Atul Sharma Computational Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
Prof. Shashi Suryanarayan Automatic Control, Mechatronics

Electrical Engineering

rof. V. Agarwal Power Conversion, Modeling and simulation of power electronic systems
Prof. K. Chatterjee Utility friendly converter topologies, Power Factor Correction techniques
Prof. B. G. Fernandes Switch Mode Rectifiers & Power Supplies, Soft switching methods for SMPS.
Prof. S. A. Khaparde Deregulation in Power Industry: optimal bidding & congestion management.
Prof. A. M. Kulkarni Power System Dynamics, Flexible AC Transmission Systems.
Prof. S. A. Soman Power System Analysis, Restructuring of Power Systems.
Prof. S. V. Kulkarni Transformer Design & Analysis, Finite element method computations.
Prof. M. Chandorkar Electrical drives Power electronic converters and control.

Chemical Engineering

Prof. K. C. Khilar Colloids, interface science, porous media.
Prof. R. K. Malik Process modeling, simulation, energy integration.
Prof. P. Aghalayam Kinetic modeling, Catalytic oxidation, Automotive emissions control.
Prof. C. Venkatraman Aerosols and climate; Air pollution; Toxicity and risk assessment

Aerospace Engineering

Prof. K. Sudhakar Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

Metallurgical Engineering and Material Science

Prof. R. O. Dusane Synthesis & characterization of amorphous and microcrystalline thin films.

Centre for Environmental Science And Engineering

Prof. Virendra Sethi Combustion Aerosols, Energy and Environment

Centre for Technology Alternatives in Rural Area (CTARA)

Prof. N. G. Shah Food Process Engineering, Small scale Renewable Energy Applications, Agro-based Industrial Development
Prof. Anand B. Rao Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Power Plants, Clean Coal Technologies, Global Climate Change, Energy and Environment