Annual Report 2005 - 06

IIT Bombay offers an interdisciplinary course in Energy Systems Engineering (ESE) leading to M. Tech. and Ph. D. degree. The programme is aimed at providing an understanding of and training on energy systems to innovators/engineers, who can contribute meaningfully to the nations energy sector. It is expected that rapid growth of the energy of the energy sector and the challenges imposed by energy resource constraints will need specially qualified engineers with an ability to understand and analyse energy systems. The Energy Systems Engineering programme at IIT Bombay was initiated in 1981. About 238 alumni of the programme are currently working in various positions in industry and research institutes. The ESE group has plans to grow into a Centre of Energy Research catering to the requirements of the country's energy sector.

Academic Programme

The course is inter-disciplinary in nature and students and faculty members are from diverse engineering (energy, mechanical, chemical, electrical, civil, etc.) and science (physics, chemistry etc.) disciplines. During the programme the students are exposed to core areas of energy management including energy auditing, energy systems modeling and analysis and non-conventional energy sources. In addition, students take elective courses in their area of specialisation. The programme also has an option of specialisation in nuclear power with interaction with Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB). The Energy Systems Engineering programme interacts with the industry, research institutions and policy makers for developing and promoting efficient and clean technologies in the country. These interactions are in the form of consultancy and sponsored projects, seminars and workshops.

The program is well recognised by the industry and other agencies and this is evident from the many sponsorships/fellowships received every year. Three fellowships at M.Tech. and two at Ph.D. levels have been sanctioned by Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources. M/s Forbes Marshall and the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) offer sponsorships attached to placement in their respective organisations.  In 2006 a batch of 27 M.Tech students were admitted to the M.Tech programme. Energy Systems Engineering celebrated its ‘Energy Day’ on 24th March 2006 at Institute Auditorium.  About 55 delegates from various industries and organizations participated in the proramme.