Shireesh Kedare

Shireesh Kedare

Academic Background:

  • B. Tech (Mech.Engg.) from IIT Bombay
  • Ph.D. from IIT Bombay

Contact Address:

Department of Energy Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay), Aadi Shankaracharya Marg, Powai, Mumbai 400076, INDIA

Phone (Internal(O)) : +91 22 2576 7835
Fax: +91 22 2576 4890
Office room no: ME 301B

Research Interest:

  • Concentrating Solar Collectors: optics, cavity receivers, tracking system controls, field optimization, testing
  • Industrial process heat applications of solar energy
  • Solar thermal power, solar co-generation, optimization
  • Wind machines
  • Implements for local wood cook-stoves to save wood and reduce smoke
  • Rural Energy : Needs, Technologies and Designs
  • Participative rural development

Courses Offered:

  • EN 615:Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  • EN 619:Solar Energy for Industrial Process Heat
  • EN 601:Nonconventional Energy Sources
  • EN 307:Equipment Design and Controls
  • EN 211:Mechanics of materials
  • EN 609:Energy Laboratory
  • EN 612:Solar Energy Laboratory
  • EN 648:Energy Design Project
  • EN 310:IC Engine and Combustion Lab

List of Publications:

  1. Papers in international journals (29)
  2. Papers in international conferences (23)
  3. Papers in national journals (13)
  4. Papers in national conferences / proceedings (10)
  5. Books / Booklets / Chapters / Articles in books (5) and Reports (7)
  6. Patents: Granted (1); Applied for (5)
  7. Awards (5 + 1 nomination)

Work Experiance:

  • Director (R and D), Clique Developments Ltd., Mumbai (2001-2013)
  • UG/PG Courses taught at IIT-B (9), Courses and workshops conducted (9)
  • Research and Development Projects (8 + 6 on-going)

Invited Lecture:

  • Invited Lectures (77)

Current Students:

  • Ph.D. Thesis - ongoing 6 (as guide/co-guide) (Completed 7)
  • M.Tech./DD Dissertations - ongoing 9 (as guide/co-guide) (Completed 30)
  • M.Sc. Projects (as guide/co-guide) (Completed 2)

Additional Information:

Shireesh Kedare is B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering (1985) from IIT-Bombay and has Ph.D. (1992) from IIT-Bombay in “Reciprocating Wind Machine”. He has been associated with CTARA, IIT Bombay, Students for Development (a voluntary organization), Vivekananda Gram-vikas Prakalpa, Latur, Society for Advancement of Renewable Materials and Energy Technologies (SARMET), Mumbai and Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Mumbai till 2001. Since 2001, he has been associated with IIT Bombay and Clique Developments Ltd. His role was pivotal in research, development, design, fabrication, installation and performance testing of ARUN solar Fresnel concentrating reflector with cavity receiver at its focus. He tested ARUN10 in Kolhapur (1998), ARUN30 in Pune (2004) and ARUN160 in Latur (2007) with support of Shri. Paranjape and others from Clique Group of Companies, Mumbai. He helped the team of engineers from Clique Developments Ltd. to develop, fabricate and install ARUN160, Arun100 and Arun30, the Solar Concentrators with 169 sq.m, 104 sq.m and 34 sq.m aperture area respectively to generate thermal energy at medium temperatures of up to 250°C for industrial process heat. Sixteen units of ARUN are presently installed and operating in field. He is also working on applications of solar concentrators for a variety of industrial processes and its optimization. Dr. Shireesh Kedare is a part of the team working at IIT-Bombay on development of a megawatt scale solar thermal power plant having short-time thermal storage with his focus on solar collector field design, technology selection and implementation, development of PFD and PID along with control philosophy. He was also involved in development of 1.5 kWe Stirling engine suitable for solar dish.