Sagar Mitra

Sagar Mitra

Academic Background:

  • Ph.D, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India in 2004

Contact Address:

Department of Energy Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay, Powai Mumbai 400 076, India Office: ME G-19 (ground Floor) Phone: +9122 2576 7849

+ 91-22-2576 8849 (Res)

Research Interest:

  • Lithium ion Battery, electrode materials, electrolyte, fabrication
  • Na-ion batteries, electrode materials, fabrication
  • Metal Sulphur Batteries for large scale storage
  • Hybrid Ionic electrolyte
  • Commercial scale battery research
  • Lithium ion battery analysis

Courses Offered:

  • Introduction to Energy System Engineering
  • Renewable Technologies
  • Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion
  • Electrochemistry
  • Chemistry for Energy Science
  • Electrochemistry of Fuel cells
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage

List of Publications:

  1. High-energy room temperature sodium-sulfur battery enabled by sodium polysulfide catholyte and MnO2 nanoarrays decorated carbon cloth ; Ajit Kumar, Arnab Ghosh, Amlan Roy, Manas Ranjan Panda, Maria Forsyth,* Douglas R. MacFarlane* and Sagar Mitra*; Energy Storage Materials, accepted on 28th Nov 2018.
  2. "N, S doped carbon cloth as current collector and polysulfide immobilizer for advanced magnesium-sulfur batteries' by Divyamahalakshmi Muthuraj, Arnab Ghosh, Ajit Kumar and Sagar Mitra*; in ChemElectroChem, accepted on 15th Nov 2018.
  3. "Bio-derived Mesoporous Disordered Carbon: An Excellent Anode in Sodium-ion battery and full-cell Lab Prototype" by Anish Raj K, Manas Ranjan Panda, Dimple P. Dutta* and Sagar Mitra* in CARBON (accepted on 15th Nov 2018)
  4. Covalent Organic Framework-based Microspheres as Anode Material for Rechargeable Sodium Batteries; Bidhan Chandra Patra, Sabuj Kanti Das, Arnab Ghosh, Anish Raj K, Parikshit Moitra, Matthew Addicoat, Sagar Mitra*, Asim Bhaumik,* Santanu Bhattacharya*, and Anirban Pradhan*; in Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 6, 16655 - 16663, 2018.
  5. High-performance Sodium Anode Comprised of Few-Layer of MoSe2 and N, P Doped Reduced Graphene Oxide Composites; Amlan Roy, Arnab Ghosh, Ajit Kumar and Sagar Mitra; Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers, accepted on 28th June 2018.
  6. Role of N-Propyl-N-Methyl Pyrrolidinium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide as an Electrolyte Additive in Sodium Battery Electrochemistry; C. V. Manohar, Maria Forsyth, Douglas R. MacFarlane and Sagar Mitra; Energy Technology, 6, 2232 –2237, 2018.
  7. Sustainable one step process of making carbon-free TiO2 anode and sodium-ion battery electrochemistry" by Tandeep S. Chadha, Prasit Kumar Dutta, Ramesh Raliya, Sagar Mitra, Pratim Biswas: Sustainable Energy & Fuels; 2,1582, 2018.
  8. "Passivation Behaviour of Aluminum Current Collector in Ionic Liquid Alkyl Carbonate (hybrid) Electrolytes" Sowmiya Theivaprakasam, Gaetan Girard, Patrick Howlett, Maria Forysth, Douglas MacFarlane, Sagar Mitra; NPJ Materials Degradation, 13, 2018.
  9. "Ionic liquid electrolytes supporting high energy density in sodium-ion batteries based on sodium vanadium phosphate composites" by C V Manohara, Tiago Correia Mendes, Mega Kar , Dabin wang, Changlong Xiao, Maria Forsyth, Sagar Mitra, Douglas R. MacFarlane; Chem. Comm., 54, 3500-3503, 2018.
  10. "An Aqueous Ca-ion Full Cell Comprising BaHCF Cathode and MCMB Anode" by Md. Adil, Prasit Dutta, and Sagar Mitra; Chemistry Select, 3(13), 3687-3690, 2018.
  11. "Efficient Conversion of Sand to Nano-Silicon and Si-C Composite Anode Design for High Volumetric Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery" Mohammad Furquan; Anish K Raj; S Vijayalakshmi; Sagar Mitra, J. Power Sources; 382, 56-68, 2018.
  12. "Reversible Mg insertion into Chevrel Phase Mo6S8 cathode: Preparation, Electrochemistry and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study"; Divyamahalakshmi Muthuraj and Sagar Mitra, Materials Research Bulletin 101, 167-174, 2018.
  13. "Stability enhancing ionic liquid hybrid electrolyte for NVP@C cathode based sodium batteries"; C V Manohar, Anish Raj K, Mega Kar, Maria Forsyth, Douglas R. MacFarlane, Sagar Mitra; Sustainable Energy and Fuels; 2(3), 566-576. 2018.
  14. In-situ surface coating of squaric acid with conductive polyaniline as high capacity and sustainable organic lithium battery anode; Arnab Ghosh and Sagar Mitra; ChemElectroChem 5(1), 159-165, 2018.
  15. "Method of preparing silicon from sand" By Furquan, Mohammad; Vijayalakshmi, Savithri; Mitra, Sagar; U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ. (2017), US 20170291821 A1 20171012.
  16. Exceptionally high Sodium-ion Battery Cathode Capacity-Based on Doped Ammonium Vanadium Oxide and Full Cell SIB Prototype Study; Ananta Sarkar, Sudeep Sarkar and Sagar Mitra; J.Mater.Chem.A, 5,24929, 2017. [This article is part of the themed collection: 2017 Journal of Materials Chemistry A HOT Papers]
  17. Sulfur Co-polymer a New Cathode Structure for Room Temperature Sodium-Sulfur Batteries; Ghosh, Arnab; Shukla, Swapnil; Monisha, Monisha; Kumar, Ajit; Lochab, Bimlesh; Mitra, Sagar; ACS Energy Letters, 2 (10), pp 2478–2485, 2017.
  18. Advanced Sodium Storage Property in Exfoliated MoO3 Anode: The Stability and Performance Improvement by in-situ Impedance Mapping; Amlan Roy, Prasit Dutta and Sagar Mitra; J. Materials Chemistry A, 5, 20491–20496, 2017.
  19. Impact of Cl doping on electrochemical performance in orthosilicate (Li2FeSiO4): A DFT supported experimental approach": Singh, Shivani; Raj, Anish; Sen, Raja; Johari, Priya; Mitra, Sagar, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9 (32), pp 26885–26896, 2017.
  20. Understanding the Behavior of LiCoO2 Cathodes at Extended Potentials in Ionic Liquid - Alkyl Carbonate Hybrid Electrolytes; by Theivaprakasam, Sowmiya; Wu, Jimmy; Pramudita, James; Sharma, Neeraj; Macfarlane, Douglas; Mitra, Sagar; J. Phys. Chem. C, 2017, 121 (29), pp 15630–15638.
  21. "Intermediate Phases in Sodium Intercalation into MoS2 Nanosheets and Their Implications for Sodium-Ion Battery" Q. Li, Z. Yao, J. Wu, S. Mitra, S. Hao, T. S. Sahu, Y, Li, C. Wolverton and V-P. Dravid; NanoEnergy; 38, 342–349, 2017.
  22. Electrolytes For Lithium Ion Batteries, and the same: by Sowmiya T, Sagar Mitra and Douglas Mac Farlane-Indian Patent file no 201721017681 dated 19/05/17.
  23. "Controlled 3D Carbon Nanotube Architecture Coated with MoOx Material by ALD technique: A High Energy Density Lithium-ion Battery Electrode" By Arpan Dhara, Shaibal K. Sarkar, Sagar Mitra, Advanced Materials Interfaces, accepted on 5th May 2017.
  24. Efficient Sodium Storage: Experimental Study of Anode with Additive-free Ether-based Electrolyte System; Prasit Dutta and Sagar Mitra; J. Power Sources, 349,152–162, 2017
  25. Conversion Anode and Intercalation Cathode Based High Rate Capable Full cell Lithium-ion Battery; Pavan S Veluri and Sagar Mitra, ChemElectroChem (2017), 4(3), 686-691.
  26. Exfoliated MoS2 Nanosheets Confined in 3-D Hierarchical Carbon Nanotube@Graphene Architecture with Superior Sodium-Ion Storage; Tuhin Subhra Sahu, Qianqian Li, Jinsong Wu, Vinayak P Dravid and Sagar Mitra; J. Materials Chemistry A, (2017), 5(1), 355-363.

Work Experiance:

  • Indian Institute of Technology Bombay from March 2009
  • "Principal Electrochemist" at Replisaurus Technologies, Sweden (2006-2009)
  • Post Doctoral Fellow at UPS and UJV, France (2004-2006)

Current Students:

  • Shivani, Antara, Prasit, Divya, Sowmiya, Manohar, Ananta, Ajit, Manas, Arnab, Adil, Amlan, Arpan (co-guide)
  • Graduated: Alok, Uttam, Sudeep, Sonal (co-guide), Pavan S. Veluri