Sagar Mitra

Sagar Mitra

Academic Background:

  • Ph.D, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India in 2004

Contact Address:

Department of Energy Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay, Powai Mumbai 400 076, India Office: ME G-19 (ground Floor) Phone: +9122 2576 7849

+ 91-22-2576 8849 (Res)

Research Interest:

  • Lithium ion Battery, electrode materials, electrolyte, fabrication
  • Na-ion batteries, electrode materials, fabrication
  • Metal Sulphur Batteries for large scale storage
  • Hybrid Ionic electrolyte
  • Commercial scale battery research
  • Lithium ion battery analysis

Courses Offered:

  • Introduction to Energy System Engineering
  • Renewable Technologies
  • Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion
  • Electrochemistry
  • Chemistry for Energy Science
  • Electrochemistry of Fuel cells
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage

List of Publications:

  1. Role of N-Propyl-N-Methyl Pyrrolidinium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide as an Electrolyte Additive in Sodium Battery Electrochemistry; C. V. Manohar, Maria Forsyth, Douglas R. MacFarlane and Sagar Mitra; Energy Technology, accepted on 16th May 2018.
  2. Sustainable one step process of making carbon-free TiO2 anode and sodium-ion battery electrochemistry" by Tandeep S. Chadha, Prasit Kumar Dutta, Ramesh Raliya, Sagar Mitra, Pratim Biswas: Sustainable Energy & Fuels, accepted on 9th May 2018.
  3. "Passivation Behaviour of Aluminum Current Collector in Ionic Liquid Alkyl Carbonate (hybrid) Electrolytes" Sowmiya Theivaprakasam, Gaetan Girard, Patrick Howlett, Maria Forysth, Douglas MacFarlane, Sagar Mitra; NPJ Materials Degradation, Accepted on 12 Feb 2018.
  4. "Ionic liquid electrolytes supporting high energy density in sodium-ion batteries based on sodium vanadium phosphate composites" by C V Manohara, Tiago Correia Mendes, Mega Kar , Dabin wang, Changlong Xiao, Maria Forsyth, Sagar Mitra, Douglas R. MacFarlane; Chem. Comm., 54, 3500-3503, 2018.
  5. "An Aqueous Ca-ion Full Cell Comprising BaHCF Cathode and MCMB Anode" by Md. Adil, Prasit Dutta, and Sagar Mitra; Chemistry Select, 3(13), 3687-3690, 2018.
  6. "Efficient Conversion of Sand to Nano-Silicon and Si-C Composite Anode Design for High Volumetric Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery" Mohammad Furquan; Anish K Raj; S Vijayalakshmi; Sagar Mitra, J. Power Sources; 382, 56-68, 2018.
  7. "Reversible Mg insertion into Chevrel Phase Mo6S8 cathode: Preparation, Electrochemistry and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study"; Divyamahalakshmi Muthuraj and Sagar Mitra, Materials Research Bulletin 101, 167-174, 2018.
  8. "Stability enhancing ionic liquid hybrid electrolyte for NVP@C cathode based sodium batteries"; C V Manohar, Anish Raj K, Mega Kar, Maria Forsyth, Douglas R. MacFarlane, Sagar Mitra; Sustainable Energy and Fuels; 2(3), 566-576. 2018.
  9. In-situ surface coating of squaric acid with conductive polyaniline as high capacity and sustainable organic lithium battery anode; Arnab Ghosh and Sagar Mitra; ChemElectroChem 5(1), 159-165, 2018.
  10. "Method of preparing silicon from sand" By Furquan, Mohammad; Vijayalakshmi, Savithri; Mitra, Sagar; U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ. (2017), US 20170291821 A1 20171012.
  11. Exceptionally high Sodium-ion Battery Cathode Capacity-Based on Doped Ammonium Vanadium Oxide and Full Cell SIB Prototype Study; Ananta Sarkar, Sudeep Sarkar and Sagar Mitra; J.Mater.Chem.A, 5,24929, 2017. [This article is part of the themed collection: 2017 Journal of Materials Chemistry A HOT Papers]
  12. Sulfur Co-polymer a New Cathode Structure for Room Temperature Sodium-Sulfur Batteries; Ghosh, Arnab; Shukla, Swapnil; Monisha, Monisha; Kumar, Ajit; Lochab, Bimlesh; Mitra, Sagar; ACS Energy Letters, 2 (10), pp 2478–2485, 2017.
  13. Advanced Sodium Storage Property in Exfoliated MoO3 Anode: The Stability and Performance Improvement by in-situ Impedance Mapping; Amlan Roy, Prasit Dutta and Sagar Mitra; J. Materials Chemistry A, 5, 20491–20496, 2017.
  14. Impact of Cl doping on electrochemical performance in orthosilicate (Li2FeSiO4): A DFT supported experimental approach": Singh, Shivani; Raj, Anish; Sen, Raja; Johari, Priya; Mitra, Sagar, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9 (32), pp 26885–26896, 2017.
  15. Understanding the Behavior of LiCoO2 Cathodes at Extended Potentials in Ionic Liquid - Alkyl Carbonate Hybrid Electrolytes; by Theivaprakasam, Sowmiya; Wu, Jimmy; Pramudita, James; Sharma, Neeraj; Macfarlane, Douglas; Mitra, Sagar; J. Phys. Chem. C, 2017, 121 (29), pp 15630–15638.
  16. "Intermediate Phases in Sodium Intercalation into MoS2 Nanosheets and Their Implications for Sodium-Ion Battery" Q. Li, Z. Yao, J. Wu, S. Mitra, S. Hao, T. S. Sahu, Y, Li, C. Wolverton and V-P. Dravid; NanoEnergy; 38, 342–349, 2017.
  17. Electrolytes For Lithium Ion Batteries, and the same: by Sowmiya T, Sagar Mitra and Douglas Mac Farlane-Indian Patent file no 201721017681 dated 19/05/17.
  18. "Controlled 3D Carbon Nanotube Architecture Coated with MoOx Material by ALD technique: A High Energy Density Lithium-ion Battery Electrode" By Arpan Dhara, Shaibal K. Sarkar, Sagar Mitra, Advanced Materials Interfaces, accepted on 5th May 2017.
  19. Efficient Sodium Storage: Experimental Study of Anode with Additive-free Ether-based Electrolyte System; Prasit Dutta and Sagar Mitra; J. Power Sources, 349,152–162, 2017
  20. Conversion Anode and Intercalation Cathode Based High Rate Capable Full cell Lithium-ion Battery; Pavan S Veluri and Sagar Mitra, ChemElectroChem (2017), 4(3), 686-691.
  21. Exfoliated MoS2 Nanosheets Confined in 3-D Hierarchical Carbon Nanotube@Graphene Architecture with Superior Sodium-Ion Storage; Tuhin Subhra Sahu, Qianqian Li, Jinsong Wu, Vinayak P Dravid and Sagar Mitra; J. Materials Chemistry A, (2017), 5(1), 355-363.

Work Experiance:

  • Indian Institute of Technology Bombay from March 2009
  • "Principal Electrochemist" at Replisaurus Technologies, Sweden (2006-2009)
  • Post Doctoral Fellow at UPS and UJV, France (2004-2006)

Current Students:

  • Shivani, Antara, Prasit, Divya, Sowmiya, Manohar, Ananta, Ajit, Manas, Arnab, Adil, Amlan, Arpan (co-guide)
  • Graduated: Alok, Uttam, Sudeep, Sonal (co-guide), Pavan S. Veluri