PhD Theses

Title of the Thesis Year Student Supervisor
Ammonia Borane as Hydrogen Storage Material  2013 Aneesh Chintaman Gangal Pratibha Sharma
Application of Dynamic Phasor Models for the Analysis of Power Systems with Phase Imbalance  2012 Chudasama Mahipalsinh Chandras A. M. Kulkarni
Design and development of stirling engine 2012 Shendage Dadasaheb Jagannath S. L. Bapat, S B Kedare 
Development and Modeling of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) Synthesis Process  2011 Kashinath Nimba Patil C.S. Solanki, Sanjay M. Mahajani 
Spatial Instability Analysis in Large Light Water Reactors 2011
Obaidurrahman Khalilurrahman
J. B. Doshi, S. M. Lee
Optimal Design of Wind-battery systems for Isolated application 2011 Anindita Roy Santanu Bandyopadhyay, S B Kedare 
Design and Development of Low Concentrator c-Si Solar Cells 2011 Vikrant Ashok Chaudhari C.S. Solanki
Silicon quanutm dots embedded in silicon nitride multilayer prepared using hot-wire chemical vapour deposition for solar cell applications  2010 Panchal Ashish Kiranbhai C.S. Solanki, S. S. Major 
Studies on Direct Methane Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell 2010 Sarika Tyagi Anuradda Ganesh, Preeti Aghalayam
Operation of Induction Motors in Induction Connected Microgrids  2010 Lokhande Makarand Mohankumar M. C. Chandorkar, Rangan Banerjee 
Analytical and level set method based numerical study for two-phase stratified flow in a plane channel dissipating uniform heat flux and a square duct 2010 Debabrata Datta Atul Sharma, Kannan N. Iyer 
Experimental investigations on conventional, helical and modified Savonius wind rotors 2009 Kamoji Mahesh A S V Prabhu, S B Kedare 
Optimal Design of Isolated Power Systems 2009 Arun P
Santanu Bandyopadhyay, Rangan Banerjee 
Analysis of Convective Loss from a Solar Cavity Receiver 2009 M.Prakash
J. K. Nayak, 
S B Kedare 
Design and optimization of solar thermal systems 2008 Kulkarni Govind Narayan Santanu Bandyopadhyay, S B Kedare
2008 Manish Shakdwipee

Rangan Banerjee, K. V. Venkatesh 

Diffusion of Renewable Energy Technologies 2008 Indu R Pillai Rangan Banerjee
Voltage control strategies for standalone self-excited induction generator 2008 Jayaramaiah GV B. G. Fernandes
Benchmarking and energy efficiency of glass furnaces 2008 Vishal Sardeshpande Rangan Banerjee, U.N. Gaitonde 
Extraction of Natural Phenols from Biomass Pyrolysis Oil 2007 Rajesh N Patel Anuradda Ganesh
Santanu Bandyopadhyay
Energy Integration of Fired Heaters 2007 James Varghese Santanu Bandyopadhyay
Natural Circulation in Single and Multiple Channels 2007 P. S. Adwani Kannan N. Iyer
Viability and Planning Aspects of Distributed Generation 2006 Ashish Prakash Agalgaonkar S. V. Kulkarni
Modeling of Isolated Photovoltaic-Battery-Diesel Generator Hybrid System 2005 Pradeep Kumar Dadhich Rangan Banerjee
Developement of a Test Procedure for Testing the Thermal Performance of a Thermosyphon-type Solar Domestic Water Heating System 2005 Satishchandra Vasudeo Joshi J. K. Nayak
Hydrogen Oxygen Fuel Cell and Energy Storage by Carbon Nano-Materials 2004 Chatterjee Arup Kumar Rangan Banerjee
Studies on Pyrolysis of Sugarcane Bagasse and Cashew Nut Shell for Liquid Fuels 2004 Piyali Das Anuradda Ganesh
Liquid Fuels from Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass 2003 Karumuri Subbarayudu Anuradda Ganesh
Kannan N. Iyer
Energy Utilisation in Brick Kilns 2003 Sameer Maithel A. W. Date
Natural Convection in a Joule-heated Liquid Pool 2003 Sugilal G. Kannan N. Iyer
Development of Space-Time Kinetics Techniquee to Analyze Localized Perturbations in Pressurized Water Reactor 2003 M. Philip Soris Fernando J. B. Doshi
Industrial Load Management 2002 Ashok S. Rangan Banerjee
Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Performance and Loads on a Horizontal-axis Wind Turbine 2000 Nand Kumar Singh K. Sudhakar
G.K. Sharma