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Analysis of heat losses from a trapezoidal cavity used for Linear Fresnel Reflector system

TitleAnalysis of heat losses from a trapezoidal cavity used for Linear Fresnel Reflector system
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsSahoo, SS, Singh, S, Banerjee, R
JournalSolar Energy
Pagination1313 - 1322
KeywordsNusselt number correlations

A Computational study to investigate the heat loss due to radiation and steady laminar natural convection flow in a trapezoidal cavity having eight absorber tubes for a Linear Fresnel Reflector (LFR) solar thermal system with uniformly heated tubes and adiabatic top wall and side walls has been performed. The losses due to convection and radiation were considered from the bottom glass cover. The results are validated with experimental data. Radiative component of losses from the cavity was found to be dominant which contributes around 80–90%. Heat loss characteristics have been studied for cavities of different depths. Simulations have been carried out for various values of heat transfer coefficient based on the wind speed below the glass surface. Effect of emissivities of the tubes on the heat loss has also been simulated. Flow pattern and isotherms inside the cavity for various depths have been analyzed. Finally, the correlation between the total average Nusselt number and its influencing parameters has been obtained for the proposed cavity.

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