Annual Report April 2004 to March 2005 Energy Systems Engineering


A.  Books/Chapters in Books (REPORT)

  • Ganesh Anuradda, A Review of the Current Status of Pyrolysis Science and Technology - A report, 2005 - Submitted to ICAR

B. Papers in Journals


  • Bandyopadhyay S., Mishra M., and Shenoy U. V., Energy-Based Targets For Multiple-Feed Distillation Columns, AIChE Journal, pp. 50(8), 1837-1853, 2004

  • Sarkar A. and Banerjee R., 'A quantitative method for characterization for carbon nanotubes for hydrogen storage', International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 29(14) pp. 1487-1491 (2004)

  • Chatterjee A. Sharon K., M. and Banerjee R., 'Enhancement of hydrogen oxidation activity at a nickel coated carbon beads electrode by cobalt and iron', Journal of Power Sources, 137(2), pp. 216-221, (2004)

  • Das Piyali, Ganesh Anuradda and Wangikar Pramod 'Influence of pre-treatment for deashing of sugarcane bagasse on pyrolysis products', Biomass and Bioenergy, v 27, pp. 445-457, 2004

  • Das Piyali, Sreelatha T. and Ganesh Anuradda 'Bio-oil from pyrolysis of cashew nut shell - characterisation and related properties', Biomass and Bioenergy, v 27, pp. 265-275, 2004

  • Patel Rajesh N., Bandyopadhyay Santanu and Ganesh Anuradda, 'Extraction of Cashew (Anacardium occidentale) Nut Shell Liquid using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, Bio-resource Technology, - ( in Press)

  • Agalgaonkar A. P., Kulkarni S. V., Khaparde S. A., and Soman S. A. (2005) 'Distributed Generation Opportunity under Availability Based Tariff and Reliability Considerations', International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems: Vol. 2: No. 1, Article 1.

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  • Bandyopadhyay S., Thermo-economic Analysis of Regenerative Heat Engines, Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics, 42(1), pp. 31-37, 2004.

  • Kedare S.B., 'Design and Performance of a Fresnel Paraboloid Concentrator with a Point Focus for Medium Temperature Industrial Thermal Applications', Energy and Fuel Users' Jnl., Vol.54, No.2, pp. 27-30, 2004

C. Papers in Proceedings


  • Varghese J. and Bandyopadhyay S., 'Energy Integration of Fired Heater,' Proceedings of International Mechanical Engineering Conference (IMEC-2004), Kuwait, Book 2, 30-46, December 5-8, 2004.

  • Pillai Indu R. and Banerjee R., 'Impact of Hot water usage pattern and location on Economics of Solar Water Heating Systems', First International Conference on Renewable Energy, Delhi, October 6-8, 2004

  • Banerjee R., 'Capacity Building for Renewable Energy in India', International Congress on Renewable Energy (ICORE 2005) for Energy Security and Employment at Hotel Le Meridian, Pune on 20-22 January 2005

  • Guglani Samrat, R. Venkatesh & Ganesh Anuradda, 'Studies on use of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid as a Diesel Substitute in Engines' at International Congress on Renewable Energy (ICORE), Pune January 20 -22, 2005

  • Barahate S. D., Prakash M., Kedare S. B., 'Heat loss analysis of cavity receivers for solar concentrators', Proceedings of IMECE2004:International Mechanical Engineering Conference 2004, Kuwait, December 2004

  • Nayak J. K., Joshi S. V. and Bokil R. S., performance studies of a solar domestic hot water systems based on evacuated tubes, Proc. Of International congress on Renewable Energy, Pune pp. 274-280, 2005

  • Prajapati J. and Nayak J. K., Energy conservation measures in the design of a commercial building for three zones of India, Proc. Of International congress on Renewable Energy, Pune, pp 281-294, 2005



  • Bandyopadhyay S., Heat Recovery and Energy Integration in Sulfur Recovery Unit, Paper presented in First Indo-US Joint Conference of IIChE and AIChE, Mumbai, December 27-30, 2004.

  • Babar A., Donde P., Samyal B., and Bandyopadhyay S., Thermodynamic analysis of combined cycle heat engines, Paper presented in 57th Indian Chemical Engineering Congress (ChemCon2004), Mumbai, December 27-30, 2004.

  • S. M. Sabeena, Iqbal Asif, Das Piyali, Patel Rajesh and Ganesh Anuradda, 'Biodiesel from Non-Edible Oil - A Fuel for Future', Chemcon 2004.

  • S. M. Sabeena, Pate Rajesh, Das Piyali, and Ganesh Anuradda, 'Advantages of Thermo-chemically Extracted Cashew Nut Shell Liquid for Formation of Bio-composites Reinforced with Glass Fibre', Chemcon 2004.