Prospective Students

Are you interested in pursuing PhD full time at IIT Bombay in Renewable Energy?

I am currently looking for students to work in the area of Micro Grid and Distribution Systems. The work involves design and development of control techniques for Micro Grids and Active Distribution Networks. If you think our areas of interest match, you have a good GATE score and if you can cater 3-4 years of time, then please write to me with your complete CV.

You can browse through the student thesis title to get an idea of the research problems we work on.
Also I strongly recommend you to visit our department website to get an idea about PhD admission in the department.

Research Projects (Ongoing)

2019 - 2022: Smart Tools for intelligent Operation of Renewable Energy integrated power System (STORES),
Impacting Research Innovation and Technolo (IMPRINT-2), SERB DST, Government of India, Funded: INR 10.1 Million. PI: Prof. Zakir H Rather

2017 - 2022: India-UK centre for Education and Research in Clean Energy (IUCERCE),
Department of Science and Technology, Funded: INR 140 Million
Lakhs (INR 140 Million). Group of Investigators from IITB

2016 - 2022: Energy Management in Microgrids, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, National Centre for Photovoltaic Research and Education,
Ministry of New and Renewable Energy: INR 6800 Lakhs (INR 680 Million).
PI: Prof. B. G. Fernandes

Research Projects (Completed)

2017 - 2022: Mode transition control for multiple inverter based distributed generators operating in grid connected and stand alone mode,
IRCC, IIT Bombay, Funded: INR 5 Lakhs (INR .5 Million).
IITB Young Investigator Award Fund

2019 - 2020: India Innovation Growth Program 2.0,
Indo US Science and Technology Forum, Funded: INR 9.2 Million.
Team: Co-PI: Prof. S. Seethamraju, and Prof. Z. H. Rather

2016 - 2021: Industry Affilaite Program,
Consortium of Solar PV Industries, Funded: INR 35 Lakhs (INR 3.5 Million).
Second Version of IAP Program in conjunction with NCPRE 2.0

2017 - 2019: Grid Stability of Large Scale Renewable Energy Integrated Power system,
DST-SHASTRI, Government of India, Funded: INR .5 Million.
Team: PI. Prof. Zakir H Rather, IITB

2017- 2020: Power converter design and implementations for energy efficient applications using wide-bandgap power devices,
IMPRINT, Ministry of Power and DST, Government of India, Funded: INR 9.22 Million,
Team: Prof. Anshuman Shukla IITB, Prof. Santanu Mishra IITK, Prof. S. P. Das IITK

2018 - 2019: India Innovation Growth Program 2.0,
Indo US Science and Technology Forum, Funded: INR 7.6 Million.
Team: Prof. Joseph John, Prof. Guru Prasad, Prof. Chandra Sekhar and Prof. S. Seethamraju

2017 - 2018: India Innovation Growth Program 2.0,
Indo US Science and Technology Forum, Funded: INR 5.3 Million.
Team: Prof. Joseph John, Prof. Guru Prasad, Prof. Chandra Sekhar and Prof. S. Seethamraju

2014 - 2019: Energy Management Strategies for Interconnected Smart Microgrids,
Indo-Dutch Colloborative Project on Smart Grids, DST-NWO Funded:INR 75 Lakhs(INR 7.5 Million),
Dutch Partners: University of Groningen, Netherlands.
PI: Prof. Harish Pillai, Co-PI: Prof. Kishore Chatterjee

2015 - 2016: Virtual Centre for Excellence in Demand Side Management,
Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, SSEF Funded: INR 58.52 Lakhs (INR 5.82 Million).
Co-PI: Prof. Rangan Banerjee

2014 - 2015: Demand Side Management in India: Capacity Building, Assessment and Networking,
Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, SSEF Funded: INR 58.2 Lakhs (INR 5.82 Million).
Co-PI: Prof. Rangan Banerjee

2013 - 2014: Demand Side Management in India: Capacity Building, Assessment and Networking,
Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, SSEF Funded: INR 56.2 Lakhs (INR 5.6 Million).
Co-PI: Prof. Rangan Banerjee

2012 to 2015: Industry Affilaite Program, NCPRE,
Analysis of Hybrid Storage Solar PV Systems, Department of Science and Technology, India, Feb 2012 to Feb 2014.
PI: Prof. P. C. Ghosh)

2011 - 2012: Energy Management System for Asian Railways,
UIC-Asia and RDSO, September 2011 to October 2012.
Co-PI: Prof. Rangan Banerjee, DESE

2010: Principal Consultant for 125 MW Mahagenco Solar PV Power Plant, TUV, SUD South Asia
PI: Prof. C. S. Solanki

2009 - 2014: Power Quality and Control in Microgrids,
National Centre for Photovoltaic Research and Education, Co-Investigator: Prof. M. B. Patil.

2010 - 2013: Peer-to-Peer Control of Distributed Energy Resources for improving Voltage and Frequency Profile in MicroGrids, SERC FAST Track Scheme, Department of Science and Technology.

2010 - 2013: Investigation of Dynamic Stability Phenomena in Microgrid during Islanding and Re-Synchronizing, IRCC, IIT Bombay.

My research group

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  • PhD Students (Graduated)
    • Dr. HSVS Kumar Nunna, Multi-Agent Based Energy Management in Smart Distribution Systems, December 2014
    • Dr. Nimish N Soni, Virtual Inertia in AC Microgrids - Transient response and stability analysis, March 2016, Co-Guide: Prof. M. C. Chandorkar
    • Dr. Laakshmana Sabari C, Modeling of Operational and Commercial Processes in Power Systems Using Standards Framework, February 2017, Guide: Prof. S. A. Khaparde
    • Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Dheer Improvement of Stability Margin and Transient Response in Inverter Dominated Microgrids, July, 2017
    • Dr. Onkar Kulkarni, New Control Methods for Static Distributed Generators in AC Supply Systems, November 2018, Co-Guide: Prof. B. G. Fernandes
    • Dr. Vijay A. S, Emulation and Power Quality Issues in AC Microgrids, July 2020, Co-Guide: Prof. M. C. Chandorkar
    • Dr. Gupta Yusuf Shankar, Reactive Power Management in Microgrids, January 2021, Co-Guide: Prof. K. Chatterjee
    • Ph. Chitaranjan, Estimation of Synchronous and Non-Synchronous Inertia in Renewable Energy Dominated Systems Guide: Prof. Z. H. Rather, Prof. B. Bahrani, Monash University, Australia
    PhD Students (Ongoing)
    • Sumedh Puradbhat, Power Electronics Convertes for Microgrids, started in January 2017, Co-Guide: Vijay Bhavraju, Eaton, USA
    • Satish Belkhode, SiC based Microgrids, Started in July 2017, Guide: Prof. Anshuman Shukla
    • Suman Mondal, Power Electronics Transformer for Microgrids, started in June 2018, Guide: Prof. Anshuman Shukla
    • Mohd Aquib, Real time monitoring of remote microgrid, started in January 2019, Guide: Prof. Mukul Chandorkar
    • Mohd Imran Khan, Microgrid Emulation, started in July 2019
    • Deepika Chhetija, Microgrid Protection and Distribution Systems, started in July 2019, Co-Guide: Prof. Z. H. Rather
    • Manorath Prasad, Active Distribution Networks, started in July 2019, Guide: Prof. Z. H. Rather, Prof. Reza Razzaghi (Monash University, Australia)
    • Soudipan Maity, Grid Support Services from Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants, started in July 2019, Guide: Prof. Z. H. Rather
    • Diptiman Dey, Blackstart in distribution system with renewables, started in July 2020
    • Salil Dubey, LVRT using Grid Supporting Generators, started in July 2020, Co-guide: Prof. Zahir. H. Rather
    • Dhiraj Khadka, Estimation of inertia in renewable energy integrated systems, started in January 2021, Guide: Prof. Z. H. Rather
    • Akhilesh Panwar, Power System Planning and Operation : High RE share, started in January 2021, Guide: Prof. Z. H. Rather, Prof. Ariel Liebman and Prof. Roger Dargaville (Monash University, Australia)

    Master Students (ongoing)
    • Jasar Mohammed K, Analysis and Forecasting of Electricity Market Outcomes, Co-Guide: Prof. A. Kowli
    • Akshat Jain, Controller design, analysis and testing for Microgrids, Co-advisor: Prof. Zakir. H. Rather

    Master Students (graduated)
    M.Tech/ Dual Degree
    • Mr. Raghunath Bellala
      Thesis Title: Analysis of Wind-PV micro-grid with fuel cell/BESS as stabilizer (Currently with Sony Corp. Japan)
    • Mr. Dileep Reddy
      Thesis Title: Optimal investment portfolio for power systems (Currently with IIIT, AP)
    • Ms. Sampada Kulkarni
      Spatial analysis of Renewable Power Generation in Maharashtra, Guide: Prof. Rangan Banerjee, (Currently with Thermax, Pune)
    • 2012
    • Mr. Vijay AS
      Thesis Title: Voltage sag emulation using power electronic converters (Currently with Sony Corp. Japan)
    • Mr. Jayesh Pirolkar
      Thesis Title: Analysis of PV-Hydro Isolated Power Systems
    • Mr. Umar Hashmi
      Thesis title: Design and development of UPF rectifier in a microgrid environment(Currently with EATON, Pune)
    • 2013
    • Mr. B. Satish
      Thesis Title: Design and development of a laboratory scale wind turbine emulator, Currently with BHEL(R&D), Bhopal
    • Mr. Deevi Sai Prabhath
      Thesis Title: Stability analysis in microgrids with inverter interfaced distributed generation
    • Ms. Aneena Felix
      Thesis Title: Multi Agent Based Distribution System Restoration, Currently with Chemtrols, Mumbai
    • Mr. Srijan Som
      Thesis Title: Analysis of 1 MW wind energy conversion system, Co-Guide: Prof. S. V. Kulkarni, Currently with L&T Powai, India
    • Mr. Amit Saklani
      Thesis Title: Loss Allocation in Radial Distribution System in Competitive Energy Markets - A MultiAgent Approach, Currently with HitachiCorp. Japan
    • Mr. Manjit Singh Saini
      Thesis Title:Multi Agent based Energy Trading System
    • Mr. Ankush Laddha
      Thesis Title: Electrical Load Emulation Using Multilevel Inverter”, Advisor: Prof. A. Shukla, EE
    • 2014
    • Mr. Puneet Bhasin
      Thesis Title: Transformer fault diagnosis using multi agent system, Co-Advisor: Prof. S. V. Kulkarni
    • Mr. Saiprasad S
      Thesis Title: Analysis of motor starting in a weak microgrid
    • Mr. Ashok Kumar Vangaveeti
      Thesis Title: Investigation of Power Sharing Methods in Low Voltage AC Microgrids
    • 2015
    • Ms. Swathi Battula
      Thesis Title: Multi-Agent based Smart Charging Frameworks for Plug-in Electric Vehicles in Microgrids, Pursuing PhD at Iowa State University, USA
    • Mr. Ashish Patel
      Thesis Title: Multi Agent based Modeling and Optimization of Smart Microgrid, working as a faculty member at BITS Goa
    • Mr. Anudeep Sesetti
      Thesis Title: Designing Energy Auction Market for Inclusion of Storage Systems and Quantifying their Impact on Network Losses - Multi Agent Approach, Robert Bosch, Bengaluru
    • Mr. Nishant Kulshrestha
      Thesis Title: Analysis and Simulation of Electrical Power System of Fighter Aircraft, working with Indian Air Force, New Delhi
    • Mr. Pranav Maheshwari
      Thesis Title: Impact Analysis and Smart Load Management of Plug-in Electric Vehicles
    • Mr. Om Sekhar I
      Thesis Title: Design and Development of Generalized Power Converter for Hybrid Power System, Co-Guide: Prof. B. G. Fernandes
    • Mr. Y Ravi Teja
      Thesis Title: Application of a Smart Transformer in a low voltage Microgrid with Voltage-based Droop Control, Co-Guide: Prof. S. V. Kulkarni
    • Mr. Yash Tambawala
      Thesis Title: Analysis of Demand Response in India”, Co-Guide: Prof. Rangan Banerjee
    • Mr. Parth Bhatia
      Thesis Title: Security Constrained Unit Commitment with Volatile Wind Power and Demand, Guide: Prof. S. Bandhyopadhyay
    • Mr. S. S. S. Sriram Somanchi
      Thesis Title: Adaptive Droop Control Methodology in Solar PV DC Microgrids, Guide: Prof. C. S. Solanki
    • Mr. Ayush Mahajan
      Thesis Title: Aggregation of Distributed Energy Resources (Virtual Power Plant), Guide: Prof. Rangan Banerjee
    • Mr. Sreeram T S
      Thesis Title: Hopf Bifurcation and Stability in Droop Controlled Islanded Microgrids, Guide: Prof. S. Singh
    • Mr. Ravindra Kumar
      Thesis Title: Design and Development of Self Learning Control of Heliostat Using Feedback, Guide: Prof. S. B. Kedare
    • Mr. Sushant Mandhanya
      Thesis Title: Design and Development of Feedback Control for Heliostat, Guide: Prof. S. B. Kedare
    • 2016
    • Abhishek Tiwari
      Thesis Title: Comparative Analysis of Droop Control in Inverter Dominated Microgrids
    • Arpit Agarwal
      Thesis Title: Economic analysis of V2G enabled PEV cabs
    • Aman Anand (JU)
      Thesis Title: Micro Demand Response in Residential and Small Commercial Segment
    • 2017
    • Mridul Kumar
      Thesis Title: Induction Motor Support in Weak Microgrids Using Virtual Synchronous Generator
    • Gautham Matkar
      Thesis Title: Impact of PV Penetration on Power Quality in the Distribution Network
    • Ravi Vaidya
      Thesis Title: Methodology and factors affecting optimum PV-Battery sizing for residential and small business rooftop installation, Currently pursuing Masters at KTH Royal Institute, Sweden
    • Siddharth Babbar
      Thesis Title: Developing Customer Baseline forecasting techniques for Demand Response programs in the Indian context, Currently working at McKinsey & Company, Boston, USA
    • Priyanka Bhosale
      Thesis Title: Feasibility analysis of potential solutions for improving electricity access and voltage quality in rural hamlets, Guide: Prof. A. B. Rao, CTARA
    • 2018
    • Sushrut Thakar
      Thesis Title: Optimal Microgrid Reconfiguration, Currently pursuing PhD at Arizona State University, USA
    • Manoj Saini
      Thesis Title: Optimal Sizing and Siting of Capacitors, Distributed Generators and Batteries in Distribution Networks
    • Neelima Parganiha
      Thesis Title: Reactive Power Management in an Islanded AC Microgrid, Currently working with General Electric, Bengaluru, India
    • Dinesh Kumbharwar
      Thesis Title: Hopf Bifurcarion in Droop Based Islanded Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid, Co-Guide: Prof. Suneet Singh
    • 2019
    • Vishal Kumar Mathuri
      Thesis Title: Optimal Sizing and Siting of Distributed Generators, Capacitors and Batteries in Distribution Network, Currently with Byju Networks
    • Rahul N
      Thesis Title: Optimal Placement And Sizing of Distributed Generation For Demand Reduction In Reconfigurable Islanded Microgrid, Currently with ICICI Bank
    • Thagjam Aditya
      Thesis Title: Future of Microgrids: Convergence Models for Microgrids and Grid for Rural India, Advisor: Prof. A. B. Rao, CTARA, Currently pursuing MBA at IIM Shillong
    • Himalay Bhavsar
      Thesis Title: Emulation of electric vehicle by a regenerative dynamometer system, Advisor: Prof. V. V. S. Pavan Kumar Hari, Currently with Bosch, Bangalore
    • Kumaril Vats (Jharkhand University), Development of Wind Emulator
    • 2020
    • Sumit Shirbate
      Thesis Title: Voltage Profile Issues in Distributed Networks with Increased PV Penetration
    • Chaudhari Pritam Jaywant
      Thesis Title: Planning and Optimization of PV-Battery Generation in Active Distribution Networks, Currently with Hitachi, Japan
    • Mr. Rizwan Mohammed
      Thesis Title: Bidirectional DC-DC converter for Domestic EV Charging Applications, Guide: Prof. Pavan Kumar Hari V. V. S.
    • Ms. Jaya Saxena
      Thesis Title: Mode Transition in DC microgrids
    • 2021
    • Ravindranadh Chowdary Vankina
      Thesis Title: Performance evaluation of a state machine based mode transition strategy for inverter based distributed generators. M.S Degree
    • Govind Menon
      Thesis Title: Modelling the Resilience of Power Plants against Cyber Attacks. Guide: Prof. Rangan Banerjee
    • Gaurav Verma
      Thesis Title: Stability Constrained Optimization for Microgrids
    • Kanojia Suraj Suresh
      Thesis Title: Optimal Dispatch Strategy for Resdential PV Battery Grid Connected System. Guide: Prof. Rangan Banerjee
    • Satyaprajna Sarthak Sahoo
      Thesis Title: Parallel operation of micro-inverters. Co-Guide: Prof. Pavan Hari.
    • Trishant Roy
      Thesis Title: Power Sharing in Hybrid ac-dc Microgrids
    • 2022
    • Ms. Divya Sudarshan, Thesis Title: Parallel Operation of SG and VSG in an Autonomous System, Currently with ABB, India.
    • Mr. Deepak K, Thesis Title: Low Voltage Ride-Through in Virtual Synchronous Machines. Currently with GE, India.
    • Ms. Minu Martin, Thesis Title: An Enhanced Load Power Sharing Method for an LV Isolated Microgrid, Guide: Prof. M. B. Patil. Currently with Enphase, India
    • Mr. Thomas Davis, Thesis Title: Improved Power Sharing in Islanded AC Microgrids using Adaptive Virtual Impedance Control, Guide: Prof. M.B. Patil. Currently with Enphase, India
    • Mr. Adarsh Prusty, Thesis Title: Semi Dual Active Bridge-based Battery Charger for Electric Vehicle Application, Guide: Prof. Pavan Hari