Research Interests

1) Solid State Hydrogen Storage Materials

2) Hydrogen Storage Systems

3) Materials for Photovoltaic Applications


1) Reversible alkali metal based hydrides for high temperature thermal energy storage

Agency : DST Status : Ongoing

2) Design, development and demonstration of indigenous hydrogen storage and fuel cell system for mobile and stationary applications of 5 kW capacity

Agency : MHRD/MNRE Status : Ongoing

3) Simulation, design and development of a solid-state hydrogen storage system

Agency : IITB-ISRO STC Status : Ongoing

4) Novel absorber materials multijunction solar PV applications using nontoxic and earth abundant elements.

Agency : IITB-ISRO STC Status : Ongoing

5) Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites for Energy Conversion and Storage.

Agency : EPSRC Status : Completed

6) National Centre for Photovoltaics Research and Phase II as a group head for Education and Training.

Agency : MNRE Status : Ongoing

7) Indo-US Symposium of Women in Engineering.

Agency : IUSSTF Status : Completed

8) Dissemination of Solar PV laboratory training kits in 165 Educational Institutes.

Agency : MNRE Status : Completed

9) Study of hydrogen storage properties of complex hydrides.

Agency : MNRE Status : Completed

10) Hydrogen storage in Magnesium based alloys and complex hydrides.

Agency : IRCC, IIT Bombay Status : Completed

11) Study of ion induced modifications of amorphous chalcogenides.

Agency : UGC Status : Completed

12) National Centre for Photovoltaic Research and Education (NCPRE) Phase- I as a group head for Education and training.

Agency : MNRE Status : Completed

13) Silicon solar cell efficiency improvement by Minimizing the Impact of Transition Metals.

Agency : McDonnell Academy Status : Completed