Prof. Prakash Chandra Ghosh
Assistant Professor
Energy Systems Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay
Powai, Mumbai 400 076, INDIA

Mechanical Engineering Department, Room 311D
Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay
Powai, Mumbai - 400 076
E-mail :pcghosh[AT]
Phone :+91-22-2576 7896(off),
 Fax :   +91-22-2572 3480
             +91-22-2576 4890

Academic Background


    1999-2002                                    Ph.D, Technical University (RWTH) Aachen, Germany

    1998-1999                                    Pre-Ph.D course work, Centre for Energy Studies, IIT Delhi, India

    1996-1998                                    M. Tech in Energy Sc. & Tech., Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

    1994-1996                                    M.Sc in Physics, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, W.B., India

    1990-1993                  B.Sc in Physics, Burdwan University, W.B. India

Research Interests
  •  Renewable energy sources

  •  Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell
  •   Hydrogen generation and storage
  • Detailed:

  •    Hydrogen production from renewable sources mainly from solar and wind energy

  •    Hydrogen storage in different materials, alloys

  •    Development of low temperature hybrid fuel cells

  •    Optimum design of fuel cells systems

  •    CFD modelling of fuel cells to optimised the flow field pattern

  •    Development of non-destructive methodologies for testing fuel cells

  •    Development of membrane based humidifier to design compact fuel cells

Present research activity:
  • Development of solid electrolyte (Nafion and PBI membrane) based fuel cells and ultra-supercapacitor for hybrid power system.

  • Creation of fuel cell testing facility and identifying the key parameters affecting the fuel cell performances.

  • Non-destructive measurements to understand the electrochemical activity on the electrode surface

  • Development of testing protocol for fuel cells as well as different components used in fuel cells

My Thesis
  1. Phd Thesis:
    Title: "Cost optimisation of a self-sufficient hydrogen based energy supply system", ISSN 0944-2952 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University (RWTH) Aachen, Germany.

    Thesis supervisor: Prof. Dr.Ing Detlef Stolten

  2. M.Tech Thesis
    "An approach for a simulation model for solar heat gain in building structures" School of Energy Studies, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
    Thesis Guide:
    Dr. Subhasis Neogi



  1. Internatinal Patents
    • "Verfahren zur Bestimmung der Stromdichteverteilung in Brennstoffzelle" (Patent File No: PT 1.2129)

    • "Vorrichtung zur Bestimmung der Stromdichteverteilung in Brennstoffzelle" (Patent File No: PT 1.2130)

  2. International Journal Publications

    • P. C. Ghosh, B. Emonts, D. Stolten, (2003) "Comparison of hydrogen storage with diesel-generator system in a PV-WEC hybrid system" Solar Energy Vol. 75 (3) pp. 187-198.

    • P. C. Ghosh, B. Emonts, H. Janben, J. Mergel, D. Stolten (2003) "Ten years of operational experience with a hydrogen-­based renewable energy supply system" Solar Energy Vol. 75 (6) pp. 469-478.

    • P. C. Ghosh, N. K. Bansal, B. Emonts and D. Stolten (2004) "Life cycle costing of a self-sufficient solar-hydrogen system", Int. J. Global Energy Issues, Vol. 21, No. 4, pp.329-351.

    •   P. C. Ghosh, T. Wüster, H. Dohle, N. Kimiaie, J. Mergel and D. Stolten, (2006) ,Analysis of single PEM fuel cell performances based on current density distribution measurement" ASME J. Fuel Cell Science and Technology Vol. 3 No. 3.

    • P. C. Ghosh, T. Wuster, H. Dohle, N. Kimiaie, J. Mergel and D. Stolten, (2006) "In-situ approach for current distribution measurement in fuel cells", J. Power Sources Vol. 154 No. 1 pp. 184-191.

  3. Conference Publications
    •  "Development of Solar Simulator for Heat Load calculation of Buildings", National Solar Energy convention-1997 Chennai.

    • "A study on the Dynamics of the solar Heat Gain in Buildings Structure", 3rd International Conference on Solar Electricity, Sharjah, UAE, 1998 (Invited).

    • "Cost-effective site selection for a renewable energy system with hydrogen as long-term storage", World Renewable Energy Congress VII, Cologne, Germany 2002.

Project Experience

  •  Measurement of current density distribution in fuel cells by Magnetomography.

  • Optimum design of a hydrogen based photovoltaic system

Software tools:


Teaching experiences:

  • Development of curriculum on Hydrogen Energy and Fuel cells for the pre-Phd course work at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. The curriculum on hydrogen energy and fuel cells consists of 40 lectures and 15 experiments.

  • Teaching experience on hydrogen energy and fuel cells at National Chemical laboratory, Pune.

Awards and achievements
  • Best paper award in "National Solar Energy Convention, India-1997" in student category

  • Received CSIR-DAAD fellowship for the year 2006.