19th March
The Flagship Annual Fest of Energy Science and Engineering
IIT Bombay


"Helios", the annual student fest of DESE, aspires to ripen into a platform that increases awareness about energy related systems and their applications.It comprises balanced combination of competitions, exhibition, lecture series and workshop that are beyond ordinary and promise to be a rejuvenating experience for each and every participant.


“The first step towards change is awareness”

Keeping the above fact in mind, IIT Bombay is organizing workshops to make you acquainted with the development trends in the field of Energy. It will help you to know what has been achieved till now, what is still achievable and difficult challenge which are faced in achieving. These workshops would give you insights from the practical point as these they associated with the laboratory visits. IIT Bombay is the resource house for the best technologies available currently and getting the experience to see those would certainly instill in you a new perspective towards energy resources.

1)Workshop on Electrochemical Energy Storage*

Get to understand the current STATE-OF-THE-ART Lithium-ion technology and see the fabrication technology in our lab. We will also discuss the current research being carried out in the field of Lithium-ion batteries and also clarify your doubts on this from our lab technicians.
*Limiting to 30 people in total

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2). Workshop on Solar Photovoltaic cell working and manufacturing.

NCPRE at IIT Bombay was launched in 2010 with funding from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) of the Government of India. The broad objectives of NCPRE are to provide R&D and education support for India’s ambitious 100 GW solar mission.
At NCPRE, you will be able to see the manufacturing of an actual Solar Cell, How the characterization of a Solar cell is done, Solar module lab, Clean Rooms for research on Solar cell materials.
This workshop will lay a strong foundation in you regarding the Solar Photovoltaic Technology and provide a new direction to your thinking towards Solar cells.

1. NCPRE Fabrication lab (NanoE building, 2nd floor)
2. NCPRE Characterization lab ( NanoE building, 3rd floor)
3. Power Electronics lab (EE department, ground floor)
4. NCPRE solar module lab (Transit building, ground floor)
5. Energy Storage lab (Short circuit lab)

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About NCPRE lab at IIT bombay By MNRE


            Mr. Mahesh Patankar


By Mahesh Patankar, PhD

Managing Director MP Ensystems Advisory Pvt. Ltd.

Energy Management in the Built Environment – intents and realities of efficient buildings (I can cover the need for continuous monitoring of energy consumptions in built environs, role of energy modelling, real-time data capture and continuous improvements through enhanced disclosure maintaining user experience)

More lectures coming soon



QUIZ - MAX (Team of 2 or 3)

LEVEL 1: Open Quiz-written
LEVEL 2: Rapid Fire Round
LEVEL 3 : Ultimate level, Will be revealed on the spot

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CROSS-TABOO (Team of 3)

Level 1: Cross Puzzle
Level 2: Taboo*
Level 3: Ultimate level, Will be revealed on the spot.

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*Taboo-The objective of the game is for a player to have their partners guess the word on the player's card without using the word itself or five additional words listed on the card.

₹100 KA FUNDA(Individual / Team of 2)
(ASSUMING THE VIRTUAL COMPANY RELATED TO ENERGY/STORAGE) ₹100 ka Funda is to introduce entrepreneurship skills among students. This exercise ensures that the young generation has the skills required to capitalize on today’s opportunities. The game has been adapted for students with simulated currency. The teams get ₹ 100 as an initial investment. The teams are expected to start a virtual company and come up with a product or service with the initial investment that they can sell and make a profit on.

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