The Energy Club of IIT Bombay is a student organization started by students of the Department of
Energy Science and Engineering


The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay is a home to some of the brightest and most aware young technical minds of India. It is these minds that will carry the country in the next century and the question of energy is undoubtedly one of the largest questions they will have to address.

Consequently, there are many students on campus highly conscious and concerned about the future of energy and sustainability. However, such students are separated by virtue of belonging to different disciplines and years.

It is the need for a common platform for such students to come together and turn their concern into action, which brought the Energy Club into existence. A group of energy conscious students with the backing of the faculty decided to start a formal Club that would make energy awareness and action it’s priority and combine the ideas and concern of students across campus into tangible steps towards energy and sustainability.


The vision of the Energy Club is essentially three-pronged:

  1. To bring together IIT students, scholars, alumni and professors of all levels irrespective of discipline, who are interested in energy and sustainability issues

  2. To facilitate students in making a tangible impact on the IIT campus and ensure that it becomes greener, energy-efficient and more sustainable

  3. To initiate, promote and support all technical and non-technical endeavours such as projects, competitions, awareness drives etc. that have better energy utilisation, awareness and sustainability at their core


Energy Crossroads

Ponder Upon Squander

Treasure Hunt

Carbon Nation

Lecture Series

Interactive session

Paisa parliament policy

Earth Hour

lecture on Solar Photovoltaic Solution for Green Buildings

lecture on Thermal Performance of Buildings

lecture on Reason behind the BLACKOUT (31 July)

Contact Us

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback , give us suggestions for new idea/concepts, or to just say hello!

Managers 2015

Pranit Beley

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Manav Nandu

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Jenil Shah

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Prathmesh Rangari

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Akhil Varma

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Managers 2014

Akhil Manepalli

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Pranjal Bhardvaj

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Manager 2013

Raghav Sarda

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Managers 2012

Parth Bhatia

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Tarun Meena

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Managers 2011

Adwit Kashyap

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Ankita Deshmukh

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