Developing high-energy and low-cost Li-ion batteries is critical and important for future portable electronics, electric vehicles, and the storage of renewable energy. New materials that ensure safety, reliability and performance are of utmost requirement for next generation of Li-ion battery. This is a field of study is highly inter-disciplinary and is rich in multiple, coupled physical phenomena that occur over multiple length scales. Research in this field has been ongoing at institutions in both US and India, although interactions between the two countries have been somewhat limited. It is proposed to organize a joint US-India workshop to bring researchers from leading institutions from the two countries under a common forum and facilitate discussions for possible collaborative research between the two countries. This workshop will feature invited talks from leading researchers and a poster session with participation from graduate students and post-doctoral scholars. The mission of the workshop will be to provide a platform for researchers from both countries to learn the current status of research in each others' countries, and hold discussions about potential collaborative research in the future. The proposed workshop will bridge the existing gap between the research communities in India, and may lead to joint publications, collaborative research proposals and exchange of students and faculty. Participation from women and other under-represented minorities will be particularly encouraged. Invited speakers will be asked to nominate students from under-represented groups to attend the workshop. It is expected that the proposed workshop will catalyze closer research relationships between institutions from US and India. Synergistic collaboration in the highly interdisciplinary field of Li-ion cell energy conversion is expected to lead to technological advances that may benefit efforts for sustainable energy and renewable energy in both countries.



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Conference Venue
Victor Menezes Convention Centre (VMCC), Board Room, 4th floor
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai,India


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The Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) was established in the year 2000 under an agreement between the Governments of India and United States of America with a mandate to promote, catalyze and seed bilateral collaboration in science, technology, engineering and biomedical research through substantive interaction amongst government, academia and industry.
As its mandate, IUSSTF provides an enabling platform to the scientific enterprises of the two nations by supporting an S&T program portfolio that is expected to foster sustainable interactions with a potential to forge long term collaborations. IUSSTF program manifests are largely catalytic in nature that helps to create awareness through exchange and dissemination of information and opportunities in promoting bilateral scientific and technological cooperation. IUSSTF has an evolving program portfolio that is largely conceived and driven by scientific communities of both the countries through extending support for symposia, workshops, conferences on topical and thematic areas of interest; visiting professorships and exchange programs; travel grants; fellowships; advanced training schools; public-private networked centres and knowledge R & D networked centres. IUSSTF also works towards nurturing contacts between young and mid- career scientists by convening stimulating flagship events like the Frontiers of Science and Frontiers of Engineering symposium through the U.S. National Academies model. At the same time it reaches out to industries by partnering with business associations to generate high quality events on technology opportunities for business development to foster elements of innovation and enterprise through networking between academia and industry.
IUSSTF maintains a close working relationship with the federal agencies, laboratories, government institutions, and the academia in U.S. and India, cutting across all disciplines. IUSSTF has been entrusted to administer the bi-national US-India S&T Endowment Fund (for joint research and development, innovation, entrepreneurial and commercialization activities in S&T) and the Indo-US Joint Clean Energy Research and Development Center (to support multi-institutional network projects in clean energy using public-private partnership model of funding).
As an autonomous not-for-profit bilateral organization, IUSSTF has the ability, agility and flexibility to engage and involve industry, private R&D labs; and non-governmental entities in its evolving activity manifold. This operational uniqueness allows the IUSSTF to receive grants and contributions from independent sources both in India and USA, besides the assured core funding from the two governments.
IUSSTF solicits proposals for its activities twice a year (March and August) and awards are made on the basis of peer reviews both in India and USA.
IUSSTF values your interactions and looks forward to work with the S&T community of both countries to implement new ideas that endeavour to promote cutting edge Indo-U.S. Science and Technology collaborations.


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Hotel Leela Palace


Prof. Sagar Mitra
Department of Energy Science And Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay,Mumbai,India
Prof. Ankur Jain
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
The University of Texas at Arlington
Arlington, TX, 76019-0018