Topics within the scope of this conference include the following areas:

Renewable Energy

Solar Thermal Conversion, Solar PV Technologies, Bio-energy, Wind Energy, Waste to Energy, Other Renewable Energy Resources, Hybrid Renewable Energy System.

Fuels and Combustion

Bio fuels, Engines, Boilers, Combustors, Turbines

Nuclear Energy

Conventional and Alternate Energy

Coal, Oil, Natural gas, Nuclear energy

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Energy Conservation Measures, Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Energy Efficiency in Industrial and Commercial Sectors, Energy Efficiency in the Transport Sector, Direct Heating and Cooling, Energy Efficiency Standards.

Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage

Nanostructures for Energy Application, Materials for Fuel Cells, Materials for Renewable Energy Conversion, Materials for High-Temperature Generators, Hydrogen Storage, Electrochemical Energy Storage: Batteries and Super Capacitors, Materials for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells, Materials for Solid-State Lighting.

Energy Modelling and Simulation

Optimization, Forecasting, Simulation Models, Uncertainty and Risk Analysis Models

Energy Management, Policy and Economics

Supply/Demand Analysis, Energy Security Issues, Life Cycle Economics, Energy Planning and Regulations

Energy and Environment

Environmental Impact, Life Cycle Emission, Sustainability, Carbon Trading, Carbon Capture and Storage, Waste Disposal and Decommissioning

Emerging Energy Technologies

Smart Grids, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Energy, Micro- and Nano-technologies, Heat pumps & Heat pipes, Electric Vehicles, Micro Grids, Combined Cycle and Co-generation Power plants, Clean Coal Technologies, Artificial Photosynthesis, Other Novel Energy Technologies


The papers submitted to this conference will undergo peer-review and selected papers will be considered for publication in the following journals.

Prof. Sagar Mitra | Prof. Balasubramaniam Kavaipatti
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Indian Institute of Technology Bombay,
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