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Natural Convection in a Joule-heated Liquid Pool
Sugilal G., Ph.D, 03
Supervisor(s): Kannan N. Iyer

Numerous studies on natural convection in various engineering heat transfer problems with Joule heat generation such as electric glass melting and electro-slag refining were undertaken by many researchers in the past.� Most of these studies reported in the literature, however, have aimed at specific applications and, as a result, have focused only on certain particular aspects of the problem.� For instance, most of the previous works have focused on computing the flow pattern and isotherms in a Joule-heated pool of a given geometry, electrode configuration and liquid properties.� Many of the investigators have refrained from giving non-dimensional form of the governing equations and the resulting dimensionless groups.� Based on the above observation, a comprehensive study of the convective heat transfer in a Joule-heated liquid pool was identified as the subject matter of the present investigation.� The scope of the present work is to characterize thermally driven flows caused by the gravitational body force, electro-magnetically driven flows induced by the electromagnetic body force and combined flows in presence of both the gravitational and electromagnetic body forces that prevail in the Joule-heated liquid with constant physical properties.